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I have a question about selectrolux.

This here is a 1952 B3B. Right next to the gas pedal rod, is a tag with mismatched screws on the floor.

My google fu has let me down with this, I have searched in this forum and H.A.M.B. along with google, finding nothing bout selectrolux. there is a s, under the flathead screw.


At this point, am thinking just a trick some old geezer did years ago, used the metal tag to hold down the padded flooring, Is up above us now laughing his butt off while I research this.

Any input on this tag?

a 122.jpg

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5 hours ago, Todd B said:

if you take the S off it becomes a vacuum cleaner

And if an old one a damn good one too! I like model G's!

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Hoping to get back over there tomorrow to work on it some more. Raining today and going crazy stuck inside with nothing to do.

So I am restoring the cloth wiring on my heater motor, with thread and the wifes nail polish :unsure:


Tomorrow I will remove the tag and get a better look at why it is there..

selectrolux sounds familiar, probably because of electrolux. And dodge had so many different shifting options with push button and lever on the dash, fluid drive ... selectrolux fooled me as another shift option.

Just took the photo and figured would google it later and find something more on it..

At this point, it seems like something Hokey,a 123.jpg that a previous owner did.



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The reason that tag is screwed to the floor next to the gas pedal rod is of course to stop the gas pedal from pushing over to the right and losing capability of full throttle.

The two ball holes in the bottom of the pedal or the two floor pan ball studs are worn and or damaged and won't keep the gas pedal straight up.

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electrolux ew30ef65gs use and care manual selectrolux user manual electrolux ew30ef65gs use and care manual.
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