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all the experts out there


where can i find a replacement distributor for my 1953 dodge B4.

it has a flat 6 and a chrysler corp - autolite IAT-4101 distributor.


any advice of a possible aftermarket replacement   would be helpful icmi need to go that route


thanks in advance

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Not sure of any "New" aftermarket distributors that fit our old flathead 6's.


There is always E-bay .. I picked up a IAT-4101 as a backup for my truck distributor incase it ever breaks down.


Here is a link were you can have your existing one rebuilt .. kind of "Pricey" .....  https://hagensautoparts.com/dodge-truck/41-electrical/15367


There are also other model Distros that will fit / work with your engine .. other members may know which ones.


I ordered a Hollander Interchange Classic Search Manual II for all Domestic 1946 - 1956 cars and trucks ... but will not have it for another week or so.



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I had mine rebuilt by Burton L Norton Company in Michigan back in '99...it was working when the engine problem parked the '48 a few years ago...had them rebuild the unit for the 1-ton back in '04 and it still works well...those fellas are knowledgeable, but ya spend some $$$ and they do not repaint the data tag :cool:

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I received my Hollander manual in early and it shows the interchange for the different Distros for our trucks.


Photo 2 just shows para 768 is the one to look under for the 48-56 B&C series 1/2-3/4T vehicles.


I would recommend you look up your engine seriel number to confirm the year of the engine and what model truck it goes into if you have not already.  


Mine was not the original engine .. I was led  to believe by the previous owner that it was/maybe a 1950 engine when in fact it was T306 serial number with a production date of late May 1952 that went in either a B3 or B4 series truck.


Photo 3 shows the distros that go into each year model engine.


The note for para 768 shows that your current Distro will fit any year pilothouse ...




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