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switch to detergent oil


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I now have about 1000 miles on my rebuilt engine.  It has had 30w non-detergent oil since the rebuild.  I plan to switch to 10w30 detergent oil before putting it to bed for the winter.  I have searched the related topics but have not found the answer to a simple question.


How well do I have to flush the engine, filter canister etc. of the non-detergent oil?  Is there a problem if after the change there is a small amount of non-detergent mixed with the new oil?  Will they mix?

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^^^^ That's the right answer. Just change it.

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The following comments about detergent oil vs non-detergent oil is a little bit off topic, however, it provides food for thought.

There is so much hype cuirculating through the various car forums regarding the use of modern multi-grade oils in older cars, some of which claim that the lack of zink and other chemicals which reputedly effect emmission controls on new cars, will ruin the older engines.

I have never been a big fan of oil additives, I have used Castrol 20-50 GTX in the majority of my older engines for over twenty-five years, without a problem. I have recently switched to oils thar are designed for diesel engines, namely Valoline Blue, this is a multigrade 10/40 oil. I have used this oil in two diesel engines, a '95 Cummins 350 HP, 135k miles and a 2000 Ford 7.3 Power Sroke, 168K...

The Cummins is in my motor home, 38' pusher, the power stroke is in a F350 crew cab which I use to pull a 25' enclosed car trailer.. No problems to date.  Bill.

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