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Oil Filter?


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post-7519-0-47490900-1431057425_thumb.jpgSo I'm getting ready to get my P11 running and back on the road again, and I made the startling realization that I can't find where my oil filter should be? I've read a few different things about different options or styles of oil filter, but I would think regardless it would be in this spot, or is there some other method of filtration system that i might not be aware of?


The only thing the service manual mentions about it:


1936-42-Install a new oil filter, or a
new oil filter cartridge (if equipped with the
replaceable cartridge type) every 8000
miles. In dusty areas, it may be advisable to
change filter, or cartridge, at any time when
the oil appears to be excessively dirty.
Am I just missing the whole thing, or am I barking up the wrong tree here?
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well I would think that if a car has lasted this long without a filter depending on regular oil changes, instead of filtering, the recommendation was for every 2000 miles back then, that a car of that age driven about 2000 miles a year with todays lubricants would be just fine with an annual oil change, and the conspicuous absence of a filter as a conversation starter. Plus think about the conditions these cars ran in when new.  Unpaved roads, leaded gas, air filled with coal and diesel soot, and dust and other pollutants.  Oil that was basically just oil, no lubricity enhancers, viscosity stabilizers, detergents, anti foaming properties, etc.  


Fill it, change it,drive it.  If you find a filter assembly at a swap meet or e bay but it and mount it, but no need to suffer lost sleep over it.

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