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Just bought myself a '46 D24 4 door Custom


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So I drove north of Dayton Ohio today and just couldn't pass up buying this car.  I have never owned a Flathead yet, but I have owned several older cars.  I even have a '63 Mercury Comet in the garage that my son drives and as soon as I put the carb and floorboard back in it... the Dodge is stealing the garage.


After making the deal (okay I spent like 3 or 4 days reading every post I could on this site) I bought it and drove it home and about an hour later I pulled into my driveway.  The only issues is the gas gauge shows full when it still took 9 gallon to fill it up.  The Voltmeter bounces more than the seat and the right front wheel clunks just a little going over bumps.  But I will not complain for a car that has less than 51k miles on it. 


I will have to admit I love the fluid drive :) 


I do have at least one question though... what in the world is the lever under the dash in the last picture?


Thanks in advance for any help.  I am sure I will have more questions as I do things with it.... and of course a name must be figured out.














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Wow Casper50, thanks for the fast response.... and thanks... it drove amazing down the back roads and when that turned into interstate I just kept going.  All I can say is where has this been my whole life.  

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Nice find! There are a couple of forum members in your area. Check out the members map on the above tool bar. Frank Blackstone in in the Dayton area and Tony Urwin lives in Cincinnati. There are also others. Where north of Dayton did you find the car?


What are your plans for the car?

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I found it in St Paris, my plans are to drive it and enjoy it.  I have one window seal in the drivers side back that needs replaced and I just notice some fluids are leaking under the engine/trans area so not sure if the engine or the fluid drive (I hope not) or the trans I will crawl under later and check.  I also notice I have electric wipers and they work.  Sadly I don't think the radio works but then again I have never been a fan of AM radio.  

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Hello and welcome to the forum. Great car you have. Back in 1959, I bought a 1948 Dodge black 4 door sedan that was pretty much identical to yours. The dash color and interior was the same and like you said, I loved the fluid drive. I found mine at a Plymouth/Dodge dealer and the price, $80.00. These are fun cars and I am sure that you will enjoy it.

John R

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Congratulations Joey!

Quite a catch to find such well survived original car these days.

I am almost jealous for the mint factory woodgraining on the dash, original door panels, correct original carpets and even the windshield wiper knob in place! Like a top of a cherry!


Only one issue I feel I need to warn you before it's too late: You mentioned the ampere meter bouncing wild?

Acc. to my experience (in my similar car) the amp meter bounces back & forth the full scale when there's a short circuit somewhere the system.

First time I saw that my interior light switch melted and headliner was so close to caugh fire.


Thus I recommend you to check the wiring harness for weak insulation, there may be wires with cracked insulation touching each other time by time.


Also get a main switch to your battery cable to be able to release it quickly. I keep mine disconnected always when I park and leave the car.


Once again, my intention is not spoil your joy, but give a friendly advise on a minor issue, which you will be able to correct quite easily.

Enjoy your handsome car and welcome (back) to the forum fellowship!

Cheers from snowy Finland,


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Thanks for the kind words and for the possible issues to look for with the jumping amp meter.  I plan to give it a complete tune up first since after I posted this yesterday I went to try and start it again and it just cranked for what seemed forever even tried the cold start method I seen on here and that didn't help.  Finally got it running drive the kids around the neighborhood and then it stalled at the stop sign and almost didn't start again.  I figure it needs a tune up bad.  I found the last insurance paperwork in the glove box at it was for 2005, so not sure it has been driven in a while or tuned up.  Just glad I made it home yesterday since it was an Hour and a half drive.  I must be a little crazy.  Oh and just to say, it road amazing down the interstate at 60 MPH, I could even let go of the wheel it drove so straight.

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Joey, what an awesome car!

Your wiring is nearing is approaching 70 years in age....I say you do what I didn't do......put in a new harness before it tries to burn down on you. I had cracked insulation falling of every where and shorts so bad I couldn't keep a battery charged! finally replaced my harnesses with a new set from YNZ and it performs flawlessly. Also very simple to make your own, good Luck!

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Well if you going to be crazy-- just let it be Mopar crazy and and at least on this forum you will be gladly accepted! :lol:



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