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55 Fargo

Finally A "Woodie" Wagon For Me

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Bought a trailer last week, I knew it needed a new wood floor, and proper sides. The trailer has 3 new tires, and a very beefy suspension, tilt etc 6 X8 ft.

Well the the frame was crusty under the floor, your have to remove the angle iron retainer at the back of the trailer, did this, and had to clean entire frame, do some welding, and shoot on paint.

I installed a new BC fir plywood floor, tongue and groove, and made side rails out of BC cedar, I had to weld the angle iron retainer back onto the trailer frame, still need to stain/oil the wood, the under side i used green wood preservative.

The rims were pulled, bead blasted and repainted.  lot of work, but a decent trailer as a result...


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Mighty fine trailer you rebuilt Fred, it isn't correct anymore but my gramps used dirty motor oil to soak the bottom half of his trailer floors.......hayracks, honey wagon..etc.

Sure took a long time for those boards to rot.

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Hey Frank,


My gramps, uncle and a friend all told me the same thing.  Grab an old paint brush and 'paint' any new wood on your trailer with used motor oil and the wood will last a lot longer.

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Very cool Fargos. Love easy to move trailers...lol.


Hope you don't mind me sharing my trailer deal on your thread Fargos, seems like a good place to make a couple quick posts about it. I've been saving an old trailer for my ATV to pull......someone welded up a solid axle to a fairly decent frame, so I figured why not save it? It'll be done soon.... ^_^  




It had wooden sides with home made brackets, I'm removing those, but they worked good as jackstands when I had it upside down. 


pic 1: stripped the beast of wood and junk (note the simple tongue set-up)

pic 2: the metal work begins

pic 3: improved toungue design

pic 4: metal/frame work done

pic 5: naval jelly scrub down and washing.......


Its been primered with black epoxy on the bottom flipped for the same treatment on the top along with the brackets being cut off.






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Excellent...perfect for a vintage truck. well done!


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