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water pump woes

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So today while replacing the exhaust pipe gasket I dropped a wrench, and when I looked under the car I noticed a steady drip. Out came the handy Snap On cooling system pressure tester and lo and behold the water pump is leaking. My question is, is there any kind of an upgraded design water pump, or is the factory replacement part are there is? It's a 1950 Chrysler with the 251. While I am at it I may as well replace the upper and lower hoses, thermostat, bypass hose and gasket. Any recommendations on where I can get all of this stuff in one location? Napa seems like a good bet, but the guys who work at the one in town are not exactly bright. Thanks in advance!

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I've heard that O'Reilly is trying to match parts prices and availability. Haven't tried it myself yet but another fellow local to me shopped online, found the parts he needed for his '40s vehicle at Rock Auto. Used those modern part numbers to find them at O'Reilly and then had them set for pickup at his local store. Net result: He got Rock Auto prices, no shipping cost and was able to look at the parts and decide if he wanted them before paying and taking them.

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Hagen's auto parts^^^^

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