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1949 Busy Coupe Update


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I had a week off of work and wrapped a lot of things up. Radiator is in, all my carb linkages are built and installed, trans cooler in, exhaust in, plus a ton of other little things. I hope to drop the drive shaft off tomorrow at the shop to be shortened and start putting the interior back in. The big frustration has been this remote oil filter. I've been chasing little leaks on the braided lines and the adapter; get one fixed and another one starts. It's been apart and back together about 4 times and I found another little one today. I'm just about ready to toss it in the trash and try something else. 


Other than that, I should be ready for cruising by the end of the month.






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I hoping to wrap up the last few details this coming weekend and do a road test. I've got the drive shaft in, most of the interior in, and the last few wiring details wrapped up. All I need to do is do the cam break in, set the timing, throw the hood back on, and a few other small things. I ran it for the first time with the exhaust on it today for a couple minutes and it sounds great; much better than the little V6. Wish I had done this in the first place.




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Thanks! I took it down the road today and other than the shift cable needing some adjusting it did pretty well. Also not sure if this radiator is going to be big enough; it was a replacement for a 6 cylinder Mustang so I may need something bigger. But it got a bath and should be ready for spring with a tweak here and there; for the most part I really like it. Here's a quick vid: https://youtu.be/3PXytae5Vlw




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I know this is a really old thread but just reaching out to ask;

 I am installing a 383 b block in a 50 Plymouth business coupe and have a couple questions about your motor mounts.

They appear to be bolted in vs welded, did you drill the holes in the frame with a hand drill?

Did you tap threads for the bolts or did you secure them with nuts? If so, did you have to drill holes on the opposite side of the frame to get the nuts to the bolts?


If anyone else knows the answers to my questions, please feel free to respond. 

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This guy is current posting his current projects on YouTube under the user name Savin’ Junk . You may be able to get a quick response if you message him there.

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