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Just got this link from a local club and don't recall it being posted here previously. "Nearly every" is a definite stretch (for example my first car, a '63 Rambler American 3-door, is not shown) but plenty of good material here nonetheless.

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This is a web-site featuring the original factory brochures for nearly every American car ever produced. Pick the manufacturer, the year and the model.



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I don't see one for the '70 pontiac bonnie wagon in ivy green..and that's probably a good thing as she was fugly!...she was the family truckster and I got it to drive when I got my license - couldn't touch the '75 grand am we also had...I wanted the '69 1/2 GTO judge for sale across town, but noooooo, dad wouldn't co-sign for it and said our car has got the same 400 in it....LIAR!!!!!!!!:rolleyes:

...yes, I was raised/tought tin indian but that's as far as it ever got...I went mopar on my own and became the blacksheep son.

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1958 Pontiac four door with six cylinder standard. It was a Canadian car so had the Chevrolet engine in it, the larger 261 CID. the Great car. It's funny but understandable how we remember our firsts.......first car, first teacher, first friend, first kiss, etc.

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Mine was a 54 Buick Hardtop, two tone blue. I loved that car, thought it was beautiful, couldn't wait to take my "gal" for a ride. My step Father had given it to me when I was fifteen. To keep it from just "sitting around" Mom decided she'd drive it back and forth to the hospital where she worked. Threw a rod through the block two weeks before my sixteenth birthday; I was crushed !! :eek: The old man traded it for a 51 pontiac sedan. :( Cass, alias littlemo..

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My first car when I got our of colloege was a 1963 4 door blue Chevy II sedan. It had 36K original miles and had been garged all its life. It was my aunts and she gave it to me as a college presnet. Had a radio and no AC.

Wish I had it back again. It was a great little car and was very dependable. I got this car in 1973 so it was ten years old at that time. Alot of cars have come and gone since then.

And now drive a 39 Desoto.

Rich Hartung


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It's my user name 1948 Plymouth 4 door sedan.

If I could ever figure out how to insert a picture - never mind


Click on link to see my first car. Purchased 1968, painted 2009. engine died July 2012.

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Mine was a '76 mercury Capri. Believe they where made in Germany if I recall correctly. The color was emerald green. It was terribly underpowered and loved to eat overhead cams. Its that car that taught me not to be afraid to tear into the engine.



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Mine was a rusty '74 Monte Carlo. The interior was nice except for the seat, I think the previous owner was an epileptic chain smoker. Had a connect the dots of burnt holes in the seat. I gave $400 bucks for it in 1985 when I was a sophomore in highschool. I was washing cars at a Chevy dealer after school, seemed like it took forever to save up enough for the car, the tags and insurance. I was taking autobody in highschool and the teacher asked if anyone wanted to bring their car in to be painted. I brought mine, he gave a quick walk around. He then said, " Save your money son, were only gonna be in here a year anyway".Lol In that class we fixed a couple that were rougher than mine but he was right, it wasn't worth fixing. I would like to have anthor one, it was roomy and drove great. You don't seem 'em much anymore due to the way they were prone to rust and they were a bit of an ugly duckling. I drove it for two years then bought a Toyota truck and let it sit for about a year then sold it for $400. The guy I sold it to pulled the engine and trans out to put in a Camaro and pushed it off into the woods, probably still sitting there rotted down. I may buy anthor one some day, it's on the bucket list!:cool:

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