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Picked up these cool pics on ebay today.

David Maxwell

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Fashion appears to be correct for `46 - `49, but a couple of things suggest this photo might be from the mid `50's. For one, the red paint appears to have worn off the hubcaps, although that may have been a "sporty choice" of the owner(s). They do appear to be young, driving a convertible and sporting chrome fender guards and white walls which were hard to come by. The car is reflecting some blue sky on the glossy finish, but is definitely black. Very fun photo!



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Nice find, Dave! I always like to see technicolor pictures from the 40's and 50's. Especially, from old Kodachrome ones.

I would wager that the pic was probably taken around 1949-53, judging by her hair and how nice the paint still looks on the car.

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Great pictures. Thanks for sharing.

I'd date those at around 1950.

Saddle shoes would have been worn even before WW2, so you can't go from that.

The hairstyles (his and hers), size of his shirt collar, condition of the car and the points you mention regarding tires and hubcaps are the things I've gone by.

But the paint certainly looks like dark metallic blue, rather than black.

I think Howard's (ex) convertible was that type of color.


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David....neat pics. I concur with those who think the car is blue. Also noticed that the radio antenna is extended to probably its maximum length. Mounted on the fender So it must have had a working radio. Had the full size wider wheel rings with small hubcaps. The girl's saddle oxfords look like the older style with red rubber soles, a late 40s, to about mid 50s type.

In the picture with the snow on the car, you can see that the wipers are parked toward the middle of the windshield. Is that correct? I have mine toward the outside edge.

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Well spotted.

Those wipers are parked the way mine sit, on my convertible.

I had noticed that most other cars have them parked to the outside, but I actually prefer the look when they are parked inwards.

By the way, I noticed that you've been promoted to senior member!!!


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Hmmmm......well, maybe I will change the wiper arms over to park toward

the middle. Maybe that's why they don't have such a good swipe. Noticed that when I got caught in some rain a couple weekends ago. Don't normally take it out if raining, but on rare occasions get caught in a rain. Of course, the rain-x helps.

That boot I finally got made this summer for the top sure makes it look better.

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