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Help! Rear main seal leak on 318 Magnum.

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I bought a new 318 Magnum long block a couple of years ago, and put in my P15 last year. It had a leak coming from around the RMS area from the get go. It got a bit worse as time progressed. I've now replaced it twice and it leaks worse than ever now.

My other thought is that it might be coming from the oil gallery or cam plug? I've kind of ruled out the oil gallery plugs because it's leaking staight down below the rear seal, and I can get my hand up under sides of the block and it's dry as a bone.

So, my question is, if it's the cam plug, would it leak straight down around the rear main? From the beginning, there's been zero oil on the flex plate or torque convertor. I would think if it's the cam plug there would be some oil puddled back in the bell housing and on the flex plate and torque convertor woudln't there? I would just pull the tranny loose and check it out, but, I've got other reasons I can't do that right now.

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