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Don Coatney

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Time to post tool pictures for all the special tools used to work on these old cars and trucks. A line or two on how you use these tools would be good. Here are some examples.

Spark plug cleaner



Valve lapping tool with lapping compound


Stud extractor used to remove broken studs and bolts


Rear drum puller


Piston ring expander and compressor


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Here are 3pics, the socket set and igniton tools, and old wrench were my Grandfathers, either 30s or early 40s, as he died in 1943.

The hub pullers is a must, the Streib Brake Adjuster, the impact driver,are all essential tools.

The old craftsman torque wrench I bought in my final year of high school.




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there is more to a man that the tool he uses..just where is this one heading

Dont know, Contribute and see?

passed down from my grandfather, original except for the head and the handle.


Same as Tim Adams and I both have! Original hammer wedges are very original. Here is a pair of pre gas axe axes with original wedges. I will improvise as to car usage:D


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I think this is a challenge thrown out by Don to force me to clean my shop..he knows well that I leave tools laying around all over the place..I best know where a tool is by recalling what job I used it on last thus I am able to walk right to it and pick it up..

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1st pic- I use this MoPar specific use tool to remove Carter B&B carburetor emulsion tubes. The second picture specialty tool Is the factory "Miller C-608" upper control arm spreader tool to properly rebuild all of our 1946-54 MoPar upper control arms free correct movement. Third- lifts used to raise the cars.





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nice rig..but looks like it needs a wheel alignment..I used a 40lb commercial made blaster and sandblasted my entire car with in in short order...these things are very handy..and as YOU are in control of the pressure and sandflow..chance of damage or warpage is at a minimum..

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