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On my 47, there are 5 wires that go from underneath the dash, through the pillar that is used for : 1 for the brake light, 1 for the running lights, 2 for the fuel gauge and 1 for the dome lights. I used a test light to identify what was what, ran 6 wires from the trunk, through the pillar, ( using the old wiring to pull it through) and connected using connectors and shrink tubing. As far as the corner lights to work as running and brake lights, went to the junk yard, pulled the lights from an chevrolet step-side, removed the 2 light wiring and ran it right through the original housing. works great. the reason i ran 6 wires is that i may want to install turn signals one day. by the way, also, since i don't have the headliner installed, going to run my speaker and power wires for the stereo. also ran the hot dome light wire to the trunk to use for lighting up the trunk area.

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