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Fuel filter


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Anybody have a part number or source for the correct fuel filter? Mine has the filter bowl as part of the pump (see pic). The filter pictured in here has since fallen apart. None of the stores around here can get me a filter that fits right.

Thanks much! - JT.


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I use generic in-line transparant plasric fuel filters. Since my pump is electric, I have it mounted on the crossmember, just in front of the fuel tank, and the filter is between the tank and the pump. My fuel line goes from the pump diirectly into the carburetor.

With these plastic filters, I can see if they are dirty or need to be changed, when I am servicing the truck, underneath. AND, they're cheap.

Works for me.:D

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I picked up one of the Napa 3943 filters. The hole at the top was a bit too big, so the filter didn't stay in place. I think the element I had previously was the kind that fits Young Ed's AC domed inline filter. I was able to take the top fiber piece from the that one and glue it to the 3943 filter. Then I put a few washers in the bottom of the bowl to hold the element up in place. It's a little on the "rigged" side, but will work for now. Maybe the parts guys could look up a filter based on the Airtex pump number instead?

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