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Found 4 results

  1. Not sure if this pandemic is good for my wallet- I just couldn't pass up this '56 Suburban, listed as a parts car on Facebook Marketplace - pretty cheap and 3 hours from the house. What a great excuse for a road trip with the wife and granddaughter! An "adventure" as she called it. We have her 3 days a week since her school closed, so no social distancing needed 😊 The wagon was owned by a hoarder - after he passed away, it was sold during his estate sale. Local folks remember it sitting in the same spot in the northern California woods since the 1970's. It was so covered with pine needles that only the fins were showing, and everyone assumed it was a Handyman wagon. Moss is growing around the windows and doors. Crazy thing is, parts of the wagon are rusted completely away- floors, parts of the fins, tailgate hinges, etc and other parts are in good shape-frame, exhaust, stainless and some chrome. There were apparently 150 generations of mice living the dry life, as I am still vacuuming mountains of droppings out of every crevice and crack. The odometer says 49k miles, and that might be accurate. The motor is the one-year, 277 cu in "Semi-Hemi" Hy-Fire V8 - The PO pulled the plugs , shot lube in and got the motor to turn freely. It also has the standard transmission with the optional overdrive. I think I will be able to use the doors, bumpers, trim and other parts. Probably will sell the OD. Not ever having had a V8 (Mopar or otherwise) in any of my project cars, I'm not sure where the engine ID number is located. My Standard Catalog of Chrysler says "on flat surface, near front of block between two cylinder heads". It's pretty rusty, but I can't find it. Suggestions? Also I've read that the crankshafts aren't the most durable. Any personal experience with these motors?
  2. Hello there. Name ia Adam. First post on this forum. Been trying to join for alittle while but the sign up gave me issues.... Btw what is the difference between a business and club coupe? This is my first classic and its a 1940 chrysler windsor 2 door. I have always wanted a coupe but never looked at getting on cause they are so much money. The car came up and the price was more then right. I had to make it happen. Had to get it. The car was owned by a man the same age as the car and with help from people it was kept running up till about last year. I was say and from what i heard it was driven hard and put away wet kinda thing. The orginal engine puked (he was on an lucas oil stabilizer fix from what i was told. Kept topping up with lucas. When the motor was pulled the crank i was told was blue!) So they got hold of a replacement motor. A 264 from a 1954 chrysler. The motor had a rebuild tag from 1964 and when they put the motor in about 2 years ago they cleaned out the pan and put new gaskets from what i was told. The motor had a carter 1bb carb that i guess was worn out so it was bored open and the jet drilled out. Well i guess it ate fuel. So now you have alittle back story ill get to the point. The car i got on the road and have been enjoying it. Didnt run but after a tune up it fired right up (2 of the 7 spark plug wires were completey corroded. It fell apart in my hands) when i did drive it i got like 6mpg. Did some messing around with the 1bb and it got better. I have switched to a 2 barrel and performance and fuel economy improved however im getting like 16-17mpg driving softly. I like to have better fuel economy for sure so i plan to switch the back axle. Which would be best and easy that im not sure of yet. I want to put disk brakes all around so guidance here would help. I have it running on 6v (it had a 8v battery) im thinking about going to 12v for easier starting and maybe put a radio in etc. now for the sinning. Beware those with sensitive stomachs dont continue reading you been warned.... the 264 in the car is mated to the orginal 3 speed of the 1940. It pulls aright but i like to have a bit more power. I like to get hold of a 4 or 5 speed thats synced. If i keep the flathead i like to do a draw through turbo and hide is to make it still look stock and look like its n/a at first glance. Not talking alot of boost. About 5-7psi. the motor however i wonder needs a rebuild? I do lose some oil over time. My oil pressure is about 25 going 50mph. Maybe 28-30 going over 60 mph. When i first got it running it smoked really bad and had alot of blow by. Its cleaned up alot since then (doing like 10 oil changes helps) so with all this said i think ill be pulling out the engine some how. I dont know how much it cost me to rebuild but it leads me to think if i rebuild it. It might be better to put that money into another motor to get the power im after? This leads me to the v8 (yes i know, boring. I rather the flathead) i have access to a 318 that had short block rebuilt for cheap. Its all cast though. But it be easier to get the transmission i want mated to this engine. I might turbo this motor too so its not like everyone else. i dont want to spent tons and im afraid rebuilding the flathead will cost the same or more then the v8 pic is of the car the day i got it running
  3. Well the time is now, this 47 Plymouth business coupe SD has stalled for a year, but only for good reason. the original plan was a mild build with a 318 Magnum. But i was able to get my hands on an entire 08 Charger R/T, that's getting turned into a drag runner. Yup that means the 5.7 Hemi, trans, interior, steering column, gauges, seats, and entire electrical system is being installed in the the Plymouth. AND ONLY ABOUT A MONTH TO FINISH!!! Engine: 5.7 Hemi Trans: 5 speed Tiptronic Steering: 89 Chevy caviler Rear end: 01 ford explorer (DSK Brake typ) http://s1268.photobucket.com/user/vethd32/media/IMG_20170326_192443944_zps2oqtkxxj.jpg.html?filters[user]=144930205&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=1 http://s1268.photobucket.com/user/vethd32/media/IMG_20170325_112957080_zps742lbbze.jpg.html?filters[user]=144930205&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=3 http://s1268.photobucket.com/user/vethd32/media/IMG_20160709_241347219 1_zpsunomkp06.jpg.html?filters[user]=144930205&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=4 Ill try to keep this feed updated as best i can!
  4. Hello, I have a 52 Pilothouse that I want to put a 318 or 360 with an auto trans in it. Could you please help me get this started? What are the best known ways in which to accomplish this? So far I have only found bits and pieces of intel on this. Are there particular engine years more accommodating than others? What mods will need to be done to fit a 727 trans in? are there particular rear ends that work better than others to handle the V8? I want to keep it all Mopar, no cross corp if possible. Your help is greatly appreciated, I just want to get this started. Thank you
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