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Found 17 results

  1. Hello everyone. My newest projects came to me from my father that passed away in December of 2017. He kept these trucks for over 40 years, in a garage and I drooled over them since I knew how to walk. I will do them justice and honor my dad by putting them back into service, just the way he had them, years ago. I just wanted to share these with everybody. Wish me luck!
  2. I am working on a 1937 Dodge 1/2 ton pickup with a 218ci 6-cylinder. The engine number stamped on my block is: T38-8085. The engine spun the #2 rod bearing and cracked the crankshaft. I have located a crankshaft and set of rods out of a 1953 Dodge B4B with a 218 ci engine, and I am hoping to use this crank as a replacement. The B4B engine is stamped with T306*I57323*. Unfortunately, I do not have the crankshaft casting numbers readily available. My question is, are these crankshafts interchangeable? Or can this only be determined from the crankshaft casting numbers?
  3. Hello, first off let me say a pre thank you to anyone who takes an interest or provides me with any kind of insight. I have for years been cruising automotive forums whenever my vehicles have started acting up. i have found a wealth of information and helpfulness to pretty much diagnose, if not fix almost every problem. So far, so good...sort of. Anyway i have never signed up for any forum before and was content to just scout as a guest. Well. Last November I fulfilled a boyhood fantasy and bought a vintage pick up. I have since, been learning( almost daily it seems) about the
  4. So i have my old dodge truck, when i got it the windows in the doors were busted and the weather stripping and whatever was supposed to be in the door to seal the windows and guide them was stripped, i found a website to get parts but i dont know if they are the rite parts and if i can find them any cheaper somewhere else.. this is my first restoration and lets just say i know a ton about this truck but i dont know a lot about the little things on it. its the pilothouse 3 window cab and the doors have the vent window in them so could someone give me a hint on what parts id need for the windows
  5. so i have my old 1950 dodge b2c and im rebuilding my engine well making it look new again and painting it and cleaning it in the process i am pulling everything apart cleaning and painting things when i took off my distributor i realized that my Vacuum advance on the distributor isnt working i pulled it off and sucked on it surely enough nothing happened and i already rebuilt my distributor and dont feel like buying a whole new one were can i get this part? i went to 3 [parts stores and they had nothing. im hoping this will fix my trucks running issues thank you ! ill [post before and afte
  6. hey guys i decided to start a new subject my old one is kinda dead now. so as you all know i have a 1950 b2c with the 218 l 6. i finally got it to run rebuilt the carb today and it wont stay running for more than 5 minutes but still ik it will run once its really hooked up. but now that i have an exhaust system installed on it somewhat. its more quiet at the engine and i have noticed two things. crankshaft pully wobbles a lot. and theres a ticking coming from inside the valve train. so i started the engine and ran it and the weird thing is none of the lifters are stuck they all move freely wit
  7. Hello all ! I am brand new to this site. I've been looking for an old truck for me and my dad for a while. I think I am leaning toward a pilot house. I've searched all the usually places on the net. Seams that trying to find an old pilothouse that's not been monkey'd with is pretty tough. Recently i've seen a couple for sale that had what looked like a row of switches on the dash to the left of the steering wheel. Anyone know what these are for?
  8. OK, the next step on a journey... (thanks Paul) I purchased from an honest type of individual what he considered a "daily Driver". Now that it is here, we have had a chance to rack it and take a look around. We were looking at brakes initially with an eye toward converting to dual-chamber. Then some things caught our eye. Nothing about the last four feet of the frame made sense. The more I looked, the crookeder it got. The more we found, the more dangerous the condition of the vehicle became. I've brought in a professional mechanic (he raised the roof on how it is unsafe and not drivab
  9. Hello all! My 52 stakebed truck is in need of emergency brake work, the pads are shot and it needs adjusting. I have found some e-brake pads for same era cars (all dodge/plymouth of course) will they work instead. help! the noise is driving me crazy!
  10. From the album: 1952 stakebed

    The 52 Stake bed, with its semigloss paint Job!
  11. From the album: 1952 stakebed

    My 52 Dually stakebed..used every day!
  12. File Name: 1948-1949 Dodge Truck Drivers Manual PDF File Submitter: VintageMoParts File Submitted: 14 Jul 2013 File Category: Instructions, Manuals & Templates 60 Page Downloadable PDF Drivers Manual for the 1948-1949 Dodge "Job Rated" Trucks. Series B-1-B and B-1-C These were very detailed manuals and can be very useful in keeping your Pilothouse on the road. Buy more online at www.vintagemoparts.com Click here to download this file
  13. From the album: 1954 Dodge C1B6

  14. From the album: 1954 Dodge C1B6

  15. From the album: 1954 Dodge C1B6

  16. From the album: 1954 Dodge C1B6

  17. Has anyone used the tag feature yet? For instance this post has three tags under the post title. Clicking on one will show you a list of categories on the left. Links, downloads etc. So you can find what you want in that category. Anyway just thinking this may be a way to help members find resources.If we keep them standardized and to a minimum I think it will be a big help. Your thoughts?.
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