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Found 12 results

  1. Well I've been putting off changing out my 16" Coker radials, and yesterday seemed a good time as Coker was having a 10% off sale and free shipping. I bought my current tires from Coker when they had an outlet in Fresno about 10 years ago (I thought). Turns out they are a bit older- I checked the date code (which Coker places on the inside of the tire BTW) and it is stamped 40 06, which means manufactured during the 2nd week in October 2006! They looked fine- no obvious cracking, only minor spiderwebbing on the whitewall, but 17 years old is not as safe as I would want. I also increased the width from a 6.00R16 to a 7.00R16, thinking it might improve handling, especially at freeway speeds. Anyone else using 7" width radials?
  2. Hey guys, So I decided to take off my tires today to look at the brakes, and didn't realize that the studs are reversed on the driver's side of the car. We managed to punch them out, and went to get replacements, but the replacements don't fit, and all the websites come up with the same studs that don't fit when I search by make/model. Used the number from the parts book and they gave me the same ones. Wondering what type they might be and where i could get some?
  4. Got a 1950 Dodge Coronet, 4-door, fluid drive trans, 230 ci engine. Currently I'm riding on Remington G78-15 4-ply polyester tubeless tires on original 15 x 5 wheels. I've been looking at putting radials on my original 15 x 5 wheels. I had just about decided on 225/75R15--but then I looked at this chart and it seems to say 195 is the highest diameter I should go with. I've done so much research that I can't recall now where I got this--but another chart suggested that 215 was acceptable (and then I stepped it up to 225, based on yet another chart that said it was a larger-than-normal tire, but still acceptable). So--I really want to keep my original wheels and I want the largest acceptable tire I can get (without getting any rubbing in the wheel wells, overly screwing up my odometer, etc.). Not interested in doing any modifications to the car--it's a 90+ percent survivor. Thoughts on the best size radial tire for me? Thanks.
  5. Can anyone recommend a GOOD custom wheel shop that can do rim widening? I used Stockton wheel many years ago for other wheel work but it seems that they are unreliable these days. I want to switch to is the Yokohama RY215 7R15 blackwall, which is very close to the O.E. size of 6.70x15 in terms of tread contact, overall width and height for my 1950 P20 sedan. (I tried the Coker Bias Look Radial in O.E. size...not happy with the quality) The only hangup is that it is recommended for a minimum rim width of 5", while my stock rims are 4 1/2". I know folks who run even wider radials on stock rims, but I'd rather not push my luck with a 70 year old rim, and I figure the tire company put their specs in writing for a reason. I've considered Wheel Vintiques, but I don't want to have to grind off the rivets on my stock hubs, and all their 15 x 5 wheels also have a much shallower backspace than O.E. Seems the best solution is to have the original rims widened to 5"...and the bonus is that the stock poverty caps will still fit. Any leads or recommendations would be appreciated!
  6. Please advise. What was the original equipment tire manufacturer for the D24 ? Firestone , Goodyear , BFGoodrich ??? Searching the forum has not been clear. Thank you all.
  7. My P15 sports a set of whitewall Firestone Deluxe Champions. The only other marking other than the 600:16 size and made in USA is that they are gum dipped. The have almost no tread wear but I suspect that they are 15 or twenty years old. They do not have any sidewall cracking but the whitewalls show age. I have done trips at 60 mph for and hour or more several times with no problems. I know tire manufacturers recommend replacing any tire that is six years old or older. Do they still make these? Would they have a dot date code on the opposite side of the tire? What do you folks recommend doing in this situation ?
  8. I'm new to this forum and glad to be here. I am about to replace the tires on my B3c. Currently it has 15" rims but I know the truck originally had 16" rims. Why did people convert to 15" and how difficult is it to find 16" rims for my truck. Also looking for recommendations on sourcing new tires/// 700 or 750 6 ply. Many thanks,
  9. When I bought this car a while ago, it came with Uni-lug wheels with 14" tires. I've recently got it up and running (and stopping) and it turns horribly with these tires on it. I want to get stock wheels and tires, but can't find the specs for them. All I know is they're 6.00X16.. But I'm not sure if that's the right ones, and I also need the tires size meant for that car. Thanks!! (best pic of my wheels that I could find)
  10. I got home from work last night to find that my new Diamondback radial AS4's had arrived. It took exactly one week from the time I orderer to delivery to my front porch via UPS. Service was excellent and both Carroll and Cooper were great to deal with. Cost was comparable to the competition for the wide whites as was shipping, and came in just under a grand delivered. The bias ply coker balony skins that came with my car three years ago have gotten to a point where they wont pass inspection and frankly were quite overdue for replacement. After perusing several threads on the subject provided by our trusty search engine, and placing a call to guru Greg G, I have also decided that its prudent to replace the valve stems as well. I bought the four shown on Ebay for $9-, with free shipping. I also bought a new set of trim rings as well to replace the mismatched set I had on the car. This week I will remove the tires from the car, and my plan is to take them to have them mounted and balanced on Satruday. I have a couple questions for those that have been down this road; Are there any special care instructions I should offer to the technician in dismounting and remounting the tires and stems? Are there any rim inspections that should be done before I remount? How about wheel weights, is the clip-on style still preferred? Thanks all in advance- Mark
  11. I have Coker wide whites on my P15. Although they clearly have very few miles on them and show no cracks in the sidewalls, I suspect that they are about ten years old. I plan to do quite a bit of driving this year and won't be surprised if they fail. I'm looking into radials to replace the tube tires. Will my stock wheels handle the radials? I think the radials will give me a better ride and improve steering and control. Does anyone have experience with radials on and old car?
  12. Hello, Would any of you happen to know what brand and type of tires came on 1946 p-15 Plymouth Deluxe Club Coupes? I am told Plymouth switched to Goodyear supercusions sometime in '47, but I can't find anything about the original make of tires. (I ask because I think the old spare in my car's trunk might be one of the original tires). Thanks!
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