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Found 7 results

  1. Picked up a really nice 51 Coronet Gyromatic w/ 230 Flathead. I’m 3rd owner, 10K original miles. Looking to put in a Gen 1 hemi and a vintage BW T-85 3 speed column shift.... more or less trying to make it a 50s correct Hot Rod. (Yes... doing up the Flathead is still in consideration ). Question is, will I have to replace the whole column or will the column for the Gyromatic be able to link right up? I’m thinking no as the column for the Gyromatic has R, 1(H&L) & 2(H&L)... and nothing for a 3rd gear. Yup... I’m THAT guy... so my apologies if someone has to explain or revisit AGAIN. Thanks for any help!!! Tips on 50s correctness are welcomed too! Again, thanks & happy upcoming New Year! hoop
  2. I'm looking at swapping a TH350 into my 52 Dodge Meadowbrook. I have a couple options, I was considering keeping the flathead six and getting an adapter for the TH350. Or, I have a 283 SBC from a 57 bel air I can put in as well. I know what everyone says "dont put an SBC in a mopar blah blah blah" but the thing is kind of a "rat rod" I guess. It was a 4 door that some guys in my club built a long time ago. They made it into a 2 door roadster (no top). It's cool and I got it dirt cheap, so I'm not concerned about keeping it original or all mopar or anything. Just trying to use what I've got in the garage to make it easier on me. The only reason I'm going automatic is I have a bad knee and I've tried driving it around with the 3 on the tree and it's just not worth it for me to be so sore after cruising around town. I'd like to comfortably go longer distances. So, I have a few questions. I've read that putting an auto trans behind the 6 will be horribly slow. And the adapter and flywheel kit for that swap is 800 bucks. So cost and HP have me leaning towards the SBC. I'm wondering if anyone can give advice on either SBC and trans swap, or if anyone has put a automatic behind the flathead 6 and what fabrication is involved with that. I have no idea how the 6 mounts to the frame or anything. It looks like the only mounts are by the bellhousing. Is that right? Thanks!
  3. Well it has been a long time since I have posted on here. Its hard to think that I bought my Plymouth 3 years ago and I am just now getting to it. Guess that's what happens when you knock out a Bachelors and Masters in 4 years. Now that I have time for the car I have been going over it more and more. My rearend is an Exploder 8.8 (3.73, Posi, discs). Motivation is 383/727 combo. Now here is where the fun begins. I have spent the last few days going back an forth on the front end. First thought was Fatman but $2500 isn't possible. Then it was rebuild what's there, add discs, add R&P, and go from there. I am still well over $1k and using R&P on something not designed with that in mind. Now I am considering a Dakota frame stub. It would make the engine fitment a bit easier. Parts are more readily available. Steering setup would make me a bit more comfortable with putting the family in the car and it would be a cost savings now and later. I know there are those who are against the frame stub. Trust me I have searched every post about this and anything close to this and I know I shooting for a small group to answer. I know the pros and cons of all the options. Is there anyone who can tell me what it would take to do the Dakota frame stub? What year first gen Dakota do I need for discs? Not looking to do a complete frame swap either.
  4. I know this topic is discussed frequently, but I really don't seem to be finding the information I am looking for. I am wondering what "simple" options there are for transmission swaps for my 50 Dodge Coronet 230 flat head. I know there is the S-10 T5 option, and so far I am leaning in that direction. What I would like to find out is if there are other transmissions that will work as as an easy swap. I'm not too concerned about power loss if there is a viable automatic that is essentially bolt in- Cant be worse the the gyro-matic! I am keeping the internal motor stock, but thinking about a dual carb and split exhaust. I want to leave it 6volt as well. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  5. alright guys you all know i have restored a 1950 dodge pickup its an all original truck with numbers matching everything so i have another truck for parts its a 1948 but its engine and drive train are pretty much gone but i ran into yet another free truck a 1979 dodge power wagon w150 it has a 360 v8 in it that runs a little rough but it sat for 15 years and i got it to fire rite up the truck howerver is in decent shape but the dash and everything is ruined and the floor has decent rust. so what im thinking is i have two options junk the 48 and use that cash to fix the 79 and have just a nice power wagon that i can use to junk around with and play...or i could take the body off the 48 and do a simple and i mean simple cab swap no ac no cruise control or what not just power brakes and power steering etc i think it could be a fairly simple job since the 48 is a flat bed truck so i wont have to worry about the wheel base and track width because the truck has a mild lift to it. what do you guys think of this idea and is there anyone out there whos done a similar project this will probably be done in my highschool shop id imagine some simple body mounts since theres only 6 bolts that hold the trucks cab and fenders to the frame so i dont imagine it would be to difficult and then ill just wire up my own wiring harness only using the essentials lights brakes fan and on of switch pretty much basic.. the cruise control and stuff would be nice but lets face it i dont need it... im not sure i love the style of the 79 as it is its just kinda a rough body for what it is...just give me your thoughts on what you think i should do thank you!! also im only 17 so tips would be great !!!
  6. i am starting this thread from an "aint broke, dont fix it" angle. hoping people weigh in regarding, souping up the 103hp, trans options(lotta lost power in that fluid drive), etc. the poll is just a gage of the peanut gallery. WS
  7. Hello folks! I am just getting started on this wonderful journey of building up my first car! I picked up a 1948 Plymouth Special Deluxe 4-door from my uncle who bought it sight unseen when he was sh*tfaced several years back. The last time it ran was in the early 1970's and had been kept in a barn in Puget Sound-area Washington ever since. Needless to say, it needs work. Now, I've been doing as much research as I can regarding standard issues with this model and I have a pretty good idea of where to go. However, a friend has just made me an interesting offer. Now, this may offend some of you, but I'm not very picky about keeping it strictly mopar. I just want a ride that is comfortable, reliable, and performs decently; it doesn't have to be outrageous. Anyways, a friend offered me the entire drivetrain, including motor and transmission, out of his 1984 Z28 Camaro if I swap a 350 I have lying around into his Camaro. Now, I've swapped a few motors out before and this is no issue, however, upon doing a bit of research, I noticed that the Z28 Camaro and the 1948 Special Deluxe have nearly identical wheelbases. What I'm wondering is, how difficult do you think this would be to make this work. I would essentially be swapping front-end, motor, trans, and rear-end out of this Camaro. Do you think it would be possible to do without having to do major damage/mods to the frame? Thank you so much for your time and knowledge!
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