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Found 8 results

  1. I've done this before, but forgot how to do it. I was surprised that the shop manual doesn't say what to do. I put a floor jack under the lower control arm and jacked it up. Do I remove the four bolts holding down the upper control arm pivot bar, or should I remove the upper control arm pin and nut first? Or do something else?
  2. Hello All, first time poster, first time builder, looking for some help on a new '51 Suburban project. My grandfather and I are working on this one together; he's lending me his expertise and shop space and I'm giving him a chance to spend some more time in the garage, "grandma-approved". He's been hot rodding Chevys and Fords since he was 14, but when looking for a project to take on we fell in love with this era of Suburbans and it's the first MOPAR he's worked on. We're sticking pretty traditional with our plans for modifications, including a Mustang II style IFS kit. I've seen a lot of debate regarding Fatman products on here, and that was the original direction we were leaning towards as he has two completed projects with their Stage II kit (50 and 31 Chevy pickups). However, the cost of their frame stub has us a bit wary, as it would nearly double the overall price of the kit. My grandpa thinks we can do the measurements and fab work for the stub ourselves, then use a universal kit from Heidts, Fatman or similar and save about $2k. Has anyone gone this route? Any advice would be appreciated.
  3. Here I am again! I beginning to think that the help I need is mental for starting this project.. Here it goes: I am working on my front suspension starting with the kingpins. Then on to the coils, control arms, etc. I am following the shop manual and have gotten to the point where I need to remove the locking pins and top seals again, according to the manual. It was fairly easy getting to this point. Now, following the obscure directions in the book, I got the locking pin on the first one(driver's side ) to move approximately a 1/4 inch and it won't budge from there. Likewise, following the book again, I can't get the top tin seal out, no matter what I try. I'm afraid to use too much force for fear of damaging irreplaceable parts. HELP!!! Additionally, I am soliciting any other guidance concerning replacing the coils, and rebuilding the control arms.
  4. Excessive play was found in the upper control arm joint. I am preparing to replace the upper outer bushings as they seem to had worn loose. However, I'd like to learn from you, are there any other issues in the front suspension I should check at the same time? Also the best way to do the replacement to avoid pitfalls, Obviously I will be messing the camber angle when replacing the bushings - any tricks to do it smart way? Any tips to adjust the camber without special tools?
  5. The springs on my woody are no longer as springy as they should be. Basically it rides like a truck! I have removed the #2 leaf from all the stacks and it still rides pretty rough. Part of the problem is I think the springs have lost some of their arc, and they also have pretty serious grooves worn in them. My Dad drove used the wagon on an almost daily basis from 1949 until 1987, and has a LOT of miles on the original springs (and everything else!) I have replaced everything except the leaf springs themselves, so it is not any of the other parts. Does anyone know of a source for replacement springs? Or given the fact that replacing original equipment always seems to drive the cost up, is there a possible replacement from a more modern vehicle? If I can find something to fit, I don't mind sourcing from a junk yard. Maybe even something that will fit, but provide a little softer ride. I don't intend to carry any heavy loads, so heavy duty is not necessary. I really puzzles me how modern trucks can ride like a Cadillac, and still get the job done. Mike
  6. These " wedges " were under the bolts on the LCA pivot bar. I thought I took more photos during disassembaly but this one is the best view. WHERE DO THEY GO ? ( oh and what are they for ? ) None of my parts , or shop books show or mention them. I believe they were on the driver side, rear set of bolts, but cannot recall. I was too concerned that day about the coil springs killing me. :-) Thanks ! Clay
  7. I removed the rear fenders in prepping for paint and found this: The tire is rubbing as the suspention travels. The car has new shocks installed about a year ago. Any thoughts as what to do???
  8. So I really have no Idea if this is going to affect the ride to much but I hope it works! Almost complete with the front end and I found a pair of air shocks from O'reillys Auto Parts. Had to press a metal sleeve out of one end and modify the size of the rubber hole with my drill. Got one on tonight and hope to have the other one on tomorrow! I'm looking for a little bit lower ride and stance on the truck and thought this may work. My plan is to rob an air tank off one of my old big rigs and install a small 12V air compressor in the truck. When I'm out cruising I'll try to have enough air in them to keep the tires on the ground and when we go to cruise night every month drain the air and drop the truck a few inches???? Took two leafs out of the spring pack and slicked them up a little! If you have any thoughts on how this might work I'm ready for the heat! Will slap a set on the back when I get there soon! Landon
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