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Found 4 results

  1. Hello to all, I have been reading for a while. looks like a great group of people. Hope some of can help. My 48 Desoto's engine is stuck rust in one cylinder. what can I use? I have used many types of oils. Next is molasses?
  2. Hi there Hope somebody can help me. I am still struggling with high oil consumption on my 43 Dodge WC truck. The engine needs a quart on 300 km but: without leakages. I cant detect blue smoke while driving. Only with high Rpm something is visble Opening the oil filler cap during Idle, no smoke is visible, neither high pressure. All spark plugs are showing black carbon like black powder No loss of power is detectable History of the engine is unknown Car has done 1000 km after restoration and then been left alone for 10 years without moving in a dry garage because the owner had some health troubles and couldnt drive anymore So, before disassembling the engine, I assume that the oil rings are stucked due to the 10 years stillstand. Anybody here who has some experience with stucked oil rings, using Marvel Mistery oil or something like this? Cheers, Mike
  3. Hi Group I have finally progressed on my P-15 reassembly project to the point where it is time to start the engine. It was fully rebuilt and balanced before I bought the car, but has not run in three years while getting the body back into shape. When I started the car, the Bendix did not kick out of the ring gear. The car always started fine before the layup, no issues, ever. I drove it several times prior to disassembly. As far as I know, this is the starter that was installed on the car at the factory. The car had been stored over 50 years and was bone stock when found. I replaced the battery, which was getting pretty old, tried a new solenoid in case the old one somehow was staying closed after releasing the pushbutton, and even had the starter rebuilt, including a new Bendix drive. It now behaves exactly the same; it fires right up but I have to shut it down because the Bendix does not disengage. I have never encountered this situation before, and I'm really puzzled. Anyone ever see this? Suggestions? I plan on counting the teeth on the flywheel next. can anyone confirm the correct number? Thank you for any advice or ideas. Ward Duffield Pine Plains, NY
  4. ok, so i am working on this 41' dodge truck in the woods, as i have been for the last couple years, and NOTHING on the truck has moved but the doors for the last 30 years. i pulled the head to see how badly the cylinders were rusted (not very bad) and while i was at it, i dumped some 2-stroke oil in the cylinders in hopes it would help free it up. i checked the engine oil on the dipstick, and it looked like the normal 30-year-old oil looks, kind of brown and dirty. i came back about a month later to check on it and pull the head again to dump in some better lube, and checked the oil to see if any 2-stroke oil made it that far, but there was some milky white fluid towards the bottom that wasn't there before. it would make no sense to be water or antifreeze because neither mix with oil when just sitting and they would have just settled to the bottom. what could it be? the 2-stroke oil was blue, and the crankcase oil was still the same brown sitting on top. keep in mind, the motor was stuck, so nothing could have mixed.
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