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Found 7 results

  1. I'll be cruising through Minnesota around the weekend of September 14th. Hope I can see some of you guys out that way....those I've met before and some new faces. I'll post more info as it becomes available. 48D
  2. Hello, first off let me say a pre thank you to anyone who takes an interest or provides me with any kind of insight. I have for years been cruising automotive forums whenever my vehicles have started acting up. i have found a wealth of information and helpfulness to pretty much diagnose, if not fix almost every problem. So far, so good...sort of. Anyway i have never signed up for any forum before and was content to just scout as a guest. Well. Last November I fulfilled a boyhood fantasy and bought a vintage pick up. I have since, been learning( almost daily it seems) about the joys of owning such a piece of history. I thought it was time to sign up, while looking through this forum the first picture i happen across was a 49 Fargo 1/2 ton...just like mine. i have since speculated mine to be a 50/51 as looking at pictures mine has the later grill, although the registration is 49. though the engine does have a tag that say " remanufactured by the chrysler method" and is dated 1956. Ok, so i have had a pretty lovely intoduction to vintage vehicles thus far. 3 weeks after purchase my head gasket went( the first time). Sad fargo sat for a month while i discovered how much fun it was to find parts for a 25 inch canadian made chrysler 251 flathead 6. Thank you vintagepowerwagons.com. After pulling the head off and discovering the cooling systems was for lack of a better word, Hooped. i set about gathering a new water pump, hoses, gasket set, APR head studs, rotor, cap, plugs, coil, leads,oil, etc. I had the rad flushed, had the head planed and magnafluxed, cleaned the water distribution tube, wire wheeled the top of the block and pistons. blew out all the water out of the intake. got all the crud out ( at least i thought). cleaned up the carb as best i could( so not a carb guy), rebuilt the distributor( ok my dad did) So, old motor, no idea how long it had been like that. Head gasket replacement, to be expected right. ya. ive heard these flatties will blow a gasket from time to time. no worries, i installed studs so a head replacement is no biggie... ok im getting to the point. so my head gasket has gone twice now, and im suspecting its going again. just before the second time, it started making this weird flapping noise, which kinda matches the rpms and then it just gets kinda slower. at first there is no loss of power, then it definitely does. I shut it off before anything came gushing out the tail pipe, as i don't want the rods to hydraulic. First, does anyone know what this noise is? and is there something i can do to help eliminate the possibility of blowing another gasket. Could it be the timing. As it is hard to set by gun, I've been told to "listen" for it. Second, as its like 3 head gaskets in like realistically 3 months, am i fighting a losing battle here. granted there are lots of determining factors , but I've combed through a lot of reading and have tried a lot of things to get it fixed. Don't get me wrong, it runs great when it runs.
  3. Hi everybody, I posted this in the Car section as well, as I wasn't entirely sure where to put it. My brother has a 1956 Dodge truck and we are looking for paint chips/ paint codes for it. It is a two-tone, we believe the colours are Pontchartrain green for the lower half and Banner Green for the upper half. It is a Canadian truck though, are the paint codes, or even the colours the same? We own a 1940 Dodge as well and know that the original blue colour is either exclusive to Canada, and the original paint chips are long gone or no longer being mixed, I can't quite remember which. The trucks I believe were painted in commercial paint colours- were these commercial colours shared across the US- Canadian Border? Thanks in advance, Dean
  4. We have almost finished the restoration of a 1948 Fargo and can't find info on the differences between the FN and FM series trucks. This one is series FM1. Thanks if you can help with the diffs.
  5. howerto

    Fargo prerestoration

    48 Fargo pre-restoration.
  6. 1948 Fargo

    © Shauna Howerton

  7. Hi All, My name is Andrea and I'm new to this forum. I have managed to find myself a Dodge Fargo to restore that has no rust. From my understanding this was an Australian one, I do not know much about it apart from it was in QLD for 3 years and then a guy in Bendigo bought it and had it for another 3 years however no one has had the time to restore it until now. My husband has four Chryslers/Dodges in his collection however this is the first time we are restoring a truck/pick up (at my request!) I am hoping that someone can shed some light on it's history for me. I have attached some photos of the car and the id badges. I would appreciate if anyone can confirm it is a 1950 and that it's an Australian Car and not an import. Also, this car does not have any back tail lights at all. What are the recommendations? Or are there genuine ones that can be sourced? We are also missing the original badges on the sides of the bonnet (the guy in QLD fitted some non-genuine ones that we will be removing). Any ideas? We also need to know what an original interior looks like as we are missing two of the control buttons on the dashboard. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks Andrea
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