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Found 13 results

  1. Inspired by @Worden18 and his Meadowbrook thread , I decided that I will host a thread of my 1953 Chrysler Windsor Deluxe this season. I was thinking about why I wanted to do this. Why share my year of travels and interactions in my old Mopar on the internet? I think there are several good reasons. None really more important than any other. Arguably it could summed up as just plain cool. It feels good to know that here at P15-D24, there are many others who share my passion for the old Mopars. We have a lot in common. We have lots to share. The good folks here care about keeping these old cars running and out on the roads. And if like me, enjoy reading other's adventures. Seeing the sites in another part of the world is fun. Every photo tells a thousand words. I hope there will be lots to show and tell this coming season. I also want to give back a little to this forum. The help I found here is much appreciated. Maybe I can repay you folks a little by giving you a little entertainment. Here we go.... My car season is anxiously beginning as temps are forecasted to hit 17C (62F) over the next few days. That'll kick start the big snow melt. My Chrysler is ready to cruise now after a busy winter. We sold our home and moved in the middle of my planned winter car repair schedule. Then we went on a 10 day trip to a much warmer climate. Since I got back home and settled, I've been busting my knuckles getting everything I wanted done to the car before the April 1 deadline. That's when Vintage Car Club Parade is. I'm not sure who's more excited. My 19 yr old son or I, for the cruising season. He's almost found daily out in the garage, sitting in the car making vroom- vroom noises. "Feeling the new brakes and clutch pedal adjustments", he says. Tonight my car is jockey'd up in the garage ready to get out. Hopefully the snow on the sides of the roads get knocked back enough this weekend to keep water off the pavement. Then it's go time. Cruising 2018 is but just around the bend here.
  2. Looking to get some interior pictures of a D14 sedan, the upholstery is completely shot and I wanted to get an idea of what the original looked like in order to recreate it. This is what I have so far.
  3. Can someone tell me the order to wire this up ? And which spark plug is #1 and #6 on the engine.
  4. So I picked up a what is said to be a Plymouth p15 from 1948. But I'm alittle confused cause the dash doesn't look like any that I've seen online. Im new to this and just wanted to see if its definalty a 1948 .
  5. Hello! We are restorating a Plymouth Deluxe Business Coupe (P-15). The car has been shipped over the ocean from USA to Europe lately. We started the project this summer. This is how it looked like when we got the project into work: Originally this car had no back seat but someone has put a random seat there instead. Not very quality work: Now this is where we need your help a little, people. As the bulkhead is totally removed we don't even have an example of it. If someone has a decent bulkhead for sale maybe we can make a trade. If not maybe someone of you is able to make some proper pictures or drawings of the bulkhead of a business coupe. We would be really appreciated: At first when we looked at the car it didn't seem to be in very bad condition but when we stripped it apart it was seen that the floor was almost gone. The floor was "repaired" with galvanized roofing sheets. There was lots of them on one another. There were also a lot of newspaper named Quad-City Times from the year 1985 inside the "sideboxes" (sorry for my english): In fact the floor's condition was so bad that before we could lift the body from the frame and sandblast the car we had to change the "sideboxes" and most of the floor first. The sandblasting would vanish the remains into the air and we wouldn't have any example in front of us later. PS! If you have any questions or suggestions please let us know. Regards, Leevi
  6. Can anyone recommend an exterior visor for a 1940 plymouth P10 Sedan?? Thank you tydavis73@gmail.com (951) 543-2376
  7. Hello All, In my never-ending pursuit to make my 1946 Plymouth Deluxe Club Coupe as original as possible, I am looking for information on what came with the car new. Specifically, What did the 1946 owners manuals and service books look like? Was there a tool kit that came with the car? Any accessories (ice scrapers, extra parts, pamphlets, etc)? Was there a difference in what a Deluxe and Special Deluxe came with? Was there a difference between 46, 47, and 48? Thanks in advance, and happy motoring, J.P.G.
  8. Hello everyone, I am new to this forum as I have never owned a Plymouth, but I recently find myself in a position in which I soon may. I am a mechanic / collision tech by trade, so I know what I am getting in to. A little background regarding the issue: My father-in-law wants to get rid of his 1948 Plymouth Special Deluxe 4-Door. He wants my wife to purchase the vehicle as she has a sentimental attachment to it. She wants it, but we have no idea what it is worth and he wants her to to come up with a fair market price. There is limited information online regarding the sale prices of these vehicles, so I am asking all the experts to put a valuation on the vehicle. The vehicle: Complete and original - except paint which is not good. Body is in good shape - Minimal damage and/or rust. It has been parked in an old garage for the last 10-15 years. It ran when parked, but hasn't since. Not to say that it wouldn't with fresh fluids and some work. The interior is pretty well destroyed. One could assume that it would cost $1000 to get it running and driving safely. i.e, new brakes, wheel cylinders, brake lines, fluids, fuel pump, carb rebuild, plugs, etc. I appreciate any help that readers could provide. Thanks
  9. 47' Plymouth Special Deluxe Will be a lot of trouble mounting a Ford 9" rear end? The leaf spring mount is welded to the axle. If I cut the leaf spring bracket off the existing axle. Measure, etc and attach it to the new one will i run into any issues? ALSO, the shocks on the rear axle are mounted at a 45 degree angle. Why is that? Is that accomplishing anything? I know there are a lot of things I'd have to tweak. But looking for an overall guess on it? Another question. I have a custom 15 gallon universal gas tank installed. There is a hose and what appears to be a vent that attaches above the axle to the underside of the body. Every time I fill it up all the way it leaks like nothing I ain't ever seen before. If i fill it up just about halfway I have no issues. Ideas?
  10. Help! I've been searching high and low for information on this and was directed to this forum site by Gods Grace I hope someone can help! I have a 47' Plymouth Special Deluxe. I've restored pretty much everything on it. I'll post some pictures later if you are curious! Anyways I am looking for a diagram, or video that shows me how to remove, repair and install the windows, Pictures, walk-throughs, anything that will help me! I would really appreciate it!
  11. Good morning all, this is going to be my restoration album for any and all work I do to my 1940 Dodge D14 De-luxe (or deluxe, it varies based on what old brochure you're looking at). I'm really thinking about naming the car Mary Jane after my late grandma, who never wanted anything more than to ride in it before she passed. I'll always regret that I couldn't do that for her but I'll dedicate my work to her memory instead. Just so everyone knows, this will be the first attempt at something of this scale and complexity in my entire life so I'm sure I'll be asking for a lot of help on it. But if you want to stay and read through goof ups or are thinking about the same thing yourself and want some ideas, I'll say my purpose in posting is complete. One thing I really want to do is to break this down as intelligently as possible so here's what I'm thinking: 1. Do work in zones. Electrical, fuel delivery, transmission, engine, oil system, brakes and wheels, interior,body, paint. Fully completing one and then moving on to the next 2. Then break down each zone into its own checkpoints. E.g for electrical, wiring the brake lights, converting to 12v (if I do), etc 3. Keeping everything organized. If you have any tips like special bins for parts or anything feel free to throw those at me. This weekend I'll post pictures to show where I'm starting from and what my garage looks like and then we'll let the fun begin.
  12. Can anyone help? I lost the keys to my 47 and need to hot wire it (I guess). My initial thought is to cross the wires going into the keyed switch, then I can just use the push button start to turn over the engine. Will this work? On a similar note, I'd like to know if anyone has a key set they would like to sell. Thanks!
  13. Hey guys Wanted to post and say hello. My name is Joe, I go by Kreepy, I am a pinstriper (who isn't these days huh?), Painter, designer. I have loved cars for as long as I can remember. Although, I am a little green when it comes to working on cars and such. I recently purchased a '47 P-15 from a buddy of mine. Pretty good shape, a few major things and a ton of minor but an ambitious first project. I am lucky enough to have it at a shop with access to all the tools I need. I am really glad to have found this place and I am looking forward to the forum.
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