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Found 10 results

  1. I really liked Carryall50's dash and would like to duplicate in for my current '52 Suburban Project. Are there products or companies that will duplicate the look, similar I guess to wood graining?
  2. Starting to do some disassembly work and am trying to figure out how to undo the knobs on the dash. I have, what I thought, was the hard part done getting the retainers undone, but I cannot seem to figure out how the knobs come off so I can strip it down. Thanks for any suggestions.
  3. Anyone know of a company that makes a new 6 volt dash fan? There are plenty of 12 volt versions -trucker fans-, but the only 6 volt versions I've seen are the old, open-rubber bladed versions or the metal ones in cages. I don't want pay the big $ that they want and then find out that the rubber is brittle, or the motor needs rewinding. Driving around the San Joaquin Valley in the summer without wind-wing vents makes the inside of the wagon rather toasty. The cowl vent helps, but I need a more active solution!
  4. Wondering if some of you builders out there who have had your P15 dash removed, might be able to help me in preventing the potential for rattles, rubbing, etc.. I should be putting the dash back in the 46 Club Coupe project soon. When I remove parts I like to try and do as thorough a bag-n-tag job as possible as my memory is only a fraction of what it used to be In looking back at my removed parts bin, I found my little Tupperware bucket marked front window trim, from 3yrs ago - with the note and pieces you see in attached pic #1. The two ea black rubber type spacers are looking pretty crumbly - might be able to carve some new ones if I can find a suitable material, if anyone knows of a re-pop on this part - that would of course be great as well...anyway - per my note you see in the pic. I show them going between the dash and the trim along with the white piping cord - on the bottom edge of the garnish molding. What I failed to do was document where the thin, 5ea., pads (kinda looks like a canvas material), were at. Since I didn't include it in my trim drwg., I believe these pieces went underneath the dash, around the screw holes across the top of the dash, between the dash and the metal support underneath. ?? This stuff is too far gone to reuse, so one way or another I'll need to find good replacement materials for the canvas and rubber pieces....so if you've been there and done it - your tips or help would be most welcome. Not really so crazy about trying to be original, even though that's OK, mostly just looking for good lasting results in regards to preventing rubbing and rattling. One thing I noticed, in searching the internet looking for pictures, maybe an exploded dash drwg diagram, etc...was that many of the P15 dash pictures I saw seemed to show piping sticking out on both sides of the window trim, others looked to have piping all the way around the window,...etc.. With the window trim being easily removed, I suppose I could experiment a bit in getting it mounted up nice and snug,...but I'm thinking it would be nice to get the dash mounted correctly the 1st time. thanks in advance, all reply's welcome and appreciated. Steve
  5. Hi I am looking for a Dash Clock for my 1941 Dodge D19 Business Coupe. It is placed in the glove box cover. I have googled for pictures to show here... but I was not successfull ;-) Maybe another clock from Plymouth or DeSoto would also fit? Does anyone have one for sale or can point me to someone that does? Many thanks, Bernard
  6. Hello!, I would like to ask you for a bit of help. My car, an export DeSoto SP15 equal to a Plymouth P15, finally is on a body shop to be repaired and painted. Hopefully upholstery will be done too. The car doesn't have its original interior, and we're having some doubts about the colors to use (the exterior of the car is black) for the seats, and mainly the roof liner, dash and upper part of the doors (around the windows). So, if anyone here who owns a P15 with an original interior (or redone with the original colors, or something close to that to get some ideas) and can post a few photos of the dash, roof, doors and seats, that would be of great help! Thanks! and greetings from Uruguay! Fede
  7. So, first post here (wooooo) - what I wanted to try asking is if anyone here knows if there's a size difference in the clocks that ended up in P11/12's and the P15's? In pictures, they look about the same size, but I have heard people say that they are not compatible and one won't fit the other. Once all said and done I hope to also add a Philco 802 radio, P12 center dash and clock to my P11. (wish me luck....)
  8. I've managed to collect a complete set of knobs including the four heater/defrost/air/temp. Most have bare metal fronts - some chrome, some brass. I want to paint them all black with white lettering like the couple of original finished ones in my set. Does anybody have suggestions for how to get the lettering sharp/crisp? I can easily see myself re-doing this job several times before I get it right unless I get some helpful hints first. thanks in advance for your advice/suggestions. If you've found ways that don't work we'll, that's good info, too. - Bob
  9. Mark D


    From the album: Ruby

  10. Ok...my dash is in and I took pics of where all the knobs went. I started installing and I can't get the chrome 'bezels' to secure the knobs on the front of the dash? What gives...Any help will be greatly appreciated by my wife since I'm banging my head on the walls!
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