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Found 3 results

  1. My B3B sheet metal painting began last week. Cab color will be dark green, bed black. But I also want to be mostly correct about the colors of the more hidden, smaller, and obscure parts. I think most of these parts should be black or unpainted, but I want to check with other Pilothouse owners about the colors they believe to be correct. Here's a list of the parts in question. If you are pretty sure of the color of a given part, please share your knowledge. (Don Bunn's book has a lot of good part color info on page 32, but most of the parts I listed below are not covered in Don's book as far as I can tell.) I posted photos of each part at the bottom of this list to make it easier to see which parts I'm talking about. Number Dodge Part Name Dodge Part Number Dodge "Part List" Page Number My Best Guess 1. Upper Door Hinges Cab Color 2. Lower Front Fender Brackets 12-05-15 12-1 Black 3. Upper Front Fender Brackets 12-06-3 12-1 Black 4. Support Shield 12-04-38 12-1 Black 5. Extension 12-04-36 12-2 Black 6. Catch 15-15-1 12-1 Black 7. Splashshield 12-04-4 12-1 Black According to Bunn 8. Cowl Lid Hinge 23-61-65 23-14 Black or Unpainted 9. Cowl Lid Brace 23-61-31 23-14 Black or Unpainted 10. Battery Box Black or Cab Color 11. Window Channels 23-09-50 33-12 Black 12. Seat Brackets (L-Shaped) none 23-14 Black or Cab Color 13. Seat Regulators 23-47-6 23-14 Black or Cab Color 14. Horn Bracket Cab Color According to Bunn 15. Steering Column Support Bracket Black According to Bunn 16. Seat Handle 23-47-55 23-14 Unpainted 17. Seat Rod 23-47-66 23-14 Unpainted 18. Windshield Wiper Links 23 -67-79 23-16 Unpainted 8. Cowl Lid Hinge 7. Splashshield 6. Catches 5. Extensions 4. Support Shields 3. Upper Fender Brackets 2. Lower Fender Brackets 1. Upper Door Hinges 9. Cowl Lid Brace 10. Battery Box 11. Window Channels 12. Seat Brackets - Front 12. Seat Brackets - Rear 13. Seat Regulators 14. Horn Bracket 15. Steering Column Support Bracket 16. and 17. Seat Handle and Rods 18. Windshield Wiper Links
  2. Hi, I need advice on the interior colors in the passenger cabin of 1946-48 Chrysler Windsor. My car sports a medium blue color on the exterior and still retains the original paint. The interior has same medium blue, probably Newport Blue, on the inside roof, trunk side etc. I want to change the exterior color to Pastorale Green ,correct for the year and need to know if these cars had same interior color as the exterior or had different color like GM cars of the era? If they had different color on the interior , what were those? Please help. Dev
  3. Hello!, I would like to ask you for a bit of help. My car, an export DeSoto SP15 equal to a Plymouth P15, finally is on a body shop to be repaired and painted. Hopefully upholstery will be done too. The car doesn't have its original interior, and we're having some doubts about the colors to use (the exterior of the car is black) for the seats, and mainly the roof liner, dash and upper part of the doors (around the windows). So, if anyone here who owns a P15 with an original interior (or redone with the original colors, or something close to that to get some ideas) and can post a few photos of the dash, roof, doors and seats, that would be of great help! Thanks! and greetings from Uruguay! Fede
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