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  1. Well, I did not need another project, but this was too nice to go to the scrapper. A friend told me about an old Chrysler wagon with a hemi, that had been sitting in the same spot for 39 years, up in the mountains of northern CA, about 3 hours from my house. I talked with the owner, a nice fellow, a lumberjack, sawmill owner who used it for his business in the 70's and in 1981, parked it when it began to smoke and drip oil a bit. He covered it up, and although the snow caved the roof in a bit here and there, everything else is in remarkable shape, even for a California car. It is a 1954 New Yo
  2. Sadly the time has come to pass along my project to someone with more resources than I have 1941 Chrysler Royal Sedan. Runs, very complete, and very solid for east coast standards. Some rust repaired, but still needs lots of work. I eventually got burnt out of doing rust repair and decided to just paint it flat black and drive it as-is. I'm normally not a fan of flat black and prefer patina, myself, but I'm not sure I would have called it that. It was about four layers of mismatched shades of blue brush painted on. One rocker panel was hand fabricated and welded by me, butt welded in most pa
  3. Debating front coil spring replacement. Do I know anything about springs? NO! Lots of reading on the subject, and that the Aerostar springs are good for old Mopar. And multiple results as to the resulting car height they provide.The spring is shorter than original, but gives same height? Cars mentioned are Dodge, Plymouth and DeSoto. Mine is '49 Chrysler. So far lots of stuff about this '49 are different from other Mopars. So it makes me want to question springs. Stock 250 engine. Any wisdom from the been there - done that experience would be appreciated. Prices for the CC850 spring seem reaso
  4. Inspired by @Worden18 and his Meadowbrook thread , I decided that I will host a thread of my 1953 Chrysler Windsor Deluxe this season. I was thinking about why I wanted to do this. Why share my year of travels and interactions in my old Mopar on the internet? I think there are several good reasons. None really more important than any other. Arguably it could summed up as just plain cool. It feels good to know that here at P15-D24, there are many others who share my passion for the old Mopars. We have a lot in common. We have lots to share. The good folks here care about keeping these old cars
  5. https://greenville.craigslist.org/cto/d/greenville-1937-chrysler-airflow/7115660125.html
  6. 1951 Chrysler New Yorker Convertible On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/1951-Chrysler-New-Yorker/124128725200?
  7. 1954 Chrysler New Yorker Wagon 440 V8 On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/1954-Chrysler-New-Yorker/353014106801?
  8. Hi Mopar fans Once again 🙂 I would like your advice ! On my Chrysler New Yorker 1953 V8 Fluid drive I have a Carburetor carter wcd 935s. It was "rebuit" with appropriate kit, but after this winter, it works very bad (too rich and hard to tune up ) I have found a New one ( rare ) But it's a 931 SC ! someone know the difference between 935s and 931sc and if 931sc will fit my NY 53 ? Thanks a lot from Belgium
  9. I'm trying to find a stock type oem muffler to replace the one on my 48 Chrysler New Yorker 8 cylinder (which I believe, is longer than the 6 cyl model). That would be the larger front one, as they came with a front and rear (mine only has the front). I want to replace it with a quiet oem type, no Flowmasters, Smitty's etc.... When I say oem type, I don't mean an actual NOS oem; I mean a new muffler in the oem style. If anyone has a older cross reference guide, could you post it on line? My current muffler has the following markings on it, but no brand name: T 777 and W 757 6
  10. I just wanted to share the latest problem so that others could benefit from my stupidity experience. I had been chasing a performance problem for a couple of months which had prevented me from driving my 1941 Chrysler New Yorker very often. It had a moderately rough idle, difficult hot-starting, a bad stumble when coming off idle once it was warm, and it kept getting worse over time. It had started stalling when coming off idle once in a while. These fluid drive cars with the throttle guard are supposed to be impossible to stall, so that was the final straw. I had been avoiding driving it beca
  11. Having some difficulty setting my timing using a vacuum gauge on my 48 New Yorker 8 cyl…..and could use some guidance. I’m trying to find the timing “sweet spot” rather than just rely on the book specs. I’ve attached my vac gauge to a non-ported vac source at the carb base…(it usually reads about 17-18”)… then adjust my idle as low as I can get it…about 350 rpm or so….to keep the mechanical advance from kicking in. Did not disconnect vacuum advance because it is not supposed to activate at low RPM. Next, the procedure is to advance the timing until you get the high
  12. 1963 Chrysler Newport 3-speed On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/1963-Chrysler-Newport-3-speed-Big-Block-Stick-Shift/233118251711?
  13. Bought me a 1950 Chrysler Windsor with the spitfire 6 in it. Got it yesterday and first gear and reverse work. I think 2nd and 3rd are linked wrong. The man I bought it from said his brother messed with the linkages and got them messed up. Since I’ve never had any experience with a 1950 Chrysler and this is my first time I need outside help on locating, diagnosing and fixing the problem so I can get this beauty out on the road! (PS- he said all the gears worked and he drove it 2 months ago up until his brother messed with it) also general knowledge and things to look out for with this motor wo
  14. So here’s what’s going on. On my Chrysler I like to get better highway gears. I came across a 1960 Plymouth fury rear axle. Was hoping to drop it in but after some research I don’t think I can as my axle is 60” 5x4.5 and my leaf spring mounts would be 47 where the fury is 55.5” 5x4 and spring mounts is 45.5? so this leads me to is could I take the gears from the fury and put into my axle?
  15. Hello again everyone. My brother and I have been working on pulling out the motor/trans because we believe the ring gear on the flywheel went. I currently have a 265ci long block in the car. I want to rebuild it because oil pressure is like 5 psi idling and 25 on the hwy. I found on kijiji a 23 with trans for 500 that was rebuilt in 1995. It showed 40-50 psi in a video while it was idling (warm I’m assuming by the temp gauge next to it) is this too high for idling? anyways getting to the point. I would like to get that 230 as a replacement till I can afford to rebuild the 265 howev
  16. Hello everyone..new to the forum. Will be taking ownership of my first oldie this next weekend, a 1953 Chrysler New Yorker. Looking forward to learning from this group.. thanks Terry
  17. Hello, I am wondering about the correct application and location for this bracket on my 1938 chrysler royal. It was attached to the bottom side of my battery box on one side and the other does not seem to line up with anything?/? I does not line up with anything obvious battery hold down ect...?/? Any help Thoughts would be appreciated...
  18. My mate John took me for a ride in his 1938 Chrysler Royal last Sunday. Beautiful car and runs great. See the youtube video.
  19. Here are some photos of John's Royal. Steering wheel is ok, we are in Australia. https://postimg.org/image/dkiinj0fp/ https://postimg.org/image/4s1jzufat/ https://postimg.org/image/4e0808v79/
  20. With my chrysler i have a couple small complaints in terms of its looks. I feel the rear tail lights are too small for how big thr back is (any suggestions on bigger lights will be nice) bumpers stick too far out but my biggest beef is the grill. The whole car is curves and i love it. To me it screams aerodynamic (might not actually be the case but the body lines makes sense to me) what doesnt make sense to me is the rectangular grill. Everything is curves then boom lets make a straight grill. What i love to know is, can a 1941 plymouth grill/front face be switched out? I love the look of the
  21. What is the lowest known P18 motor to still exist here is mine 181255
  22. Ok so I have a few questions. I've never owned, dealt, etc. anything mopar. My wife and I have acquired her great grandparents 46-48 Chrysler Windsor Club coupe, 5 window, 2 door. I'm not sure how to tell the year, just been judging from google images. The car has the spitfire flathead six with fluid drive. The car has been sitting for 50+ years. Floor boards are gone along with rust in other places. We've pretty much decided that it's more project than we want but I don't know if it's a car that there's a market for, or if there's any money in parting it out, or just haul it to the scrap yard
  23. Hello, first off let me say a pre thank you to anyone who takes an interest or provides me with any kind of insight. I have for years been cruising automotive forums whenever my vehicles have started acting up. i have found a wealth of information and helpfulness to pretty much diagnose, if not fix almost every problem. So far, so good...sort of. Anyway i have never signed up for any forum before and was content to just scout as a guest. Well. Last November I fulfilled a boyhood fantasy and bought a vintage pick up. I have since, been learning( almost daily it seems) about the
  24. Mark Duggan and I are continuing to beat our heads against the wall, trying to find an event that will motivate interest in a gathering of Forum members and Chrysler Corporation Vehicle enthusiasts. We would also be tenatively gathering at Mark D's place out side of Worchester, Ma and doing a group drive to the event area. Last year we did a tour of the Hudson Valley in August. This year an opportunity presents for September 13-16 in the form of the Walter P Chrysler Club's annual meet. The WPC is a club for all Chrysler brands from the earliest models to the present offerings. This ye
  25. The ol' buggy has been immobile, waiting for a repair on the starter. How boring, just sitting out there in the driveway with nice summer weather. A project was on the list. Why not now? Via the picture, many of you well know this kind of project. I ran out and bought a compressor and spray gun.
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