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Found 12 results

  1. Hello everyone. I made a huge mistake and pulled the guts out of my distributor without taking pictures where the wires went to. I thought I would remember but obviously that didnt happen. I have the new points added but can't finish. I'm hoping someone could pull their cap off and take some up close photos of the guts and wires. The pics I have found online don't help me much. Thank you so much for any help you can offer. -Dan
  2. Just picked up a 1951 2dr Coronet from a 40 year auto cocoon here in AZ. The exterior is decent but very patina'd. Interior is gone as is all glass except the back (lucky there). We got the flathead to breath life again so that's good. I will be bringing the vehicle to a pro to have the trunk floor completely redone as holes the size of my fist are abundant. Brakes are first, is there a recommendation for a rebuild kit for the master cylinder or should I just buy a new one? The old is out and the bore is still very smooth. Any advice here is welcome. Thanks, Dan.
  3. My son and I recently purchased an auto cocoon, sat for over 4 decades. We got it running, finished brakes, fluids, etc ...and we pulled it out of the garage under it's own power for the first time yesterday. I'm used to normal clutch vehicles, so I'm hoping someone can help me with this tranny functionality. I have heard that at a stoplight, the clutch does NOT have to be engaged, correct? At what speed do I clutch in order to column shift also? Thanks a lot for any help. Dan
  4. I need one wheel to roll my '51 around the yard. Can't find any info on wheels that interchange with this 3/4 ton, everything is about 1/2 ton. Does anyone know off hand the bolt circle, and are there any modern 15" wheels that will fit just so I can move the darned thing? Thanks
  5. Hello all. New to the forum and new(ish) to the Mopar cars. Long time car nut with a small collection of antique cars and trucks along with a few newer. collectible cars. I recently found and bought a 1951 Plymouth Business Coupe. It is in VERY complete condition but in need of restoration. I do have a question for all the experts out there, seeing that I am new to the Mopar family this may be a stupid question. The car I bought is a "51" but the dash which is original looks to be a "50". It has the correct gauges as well as the painted wood grain finish for a 1950 car. Is this an anomaly or was this a common this? Thanks Jim
  6. ETA: this will be my build thread for my 1951 DeSoto....join along for the ride. Hey everyone, I have a couple questions regarding my 51 DeSoto. 1.) Rust Repair: I have been slowly disassembling this car for a little over a week now and i have been discovering all sorts of fun rust pockets as i continue to dig deeper. The Frame (so far) is solid and appears to be straight. The car was in an accident sometime in the 1980's and was effectively left as such. I have found rust on both rockers (inner and Outer) the Drivers side is far worse than the passenger side, as i can see into the car. Also, the floor along the drivers side is completely through including the panels at the foot-well. The passenger side is also through in the front as well. I have all of the patch panels to complete the job. However, here is the situation, i am a completely inexperienced welder as i have no prior training and am frankly pretty terrible at it. Do I even attempt this or should I find a shop to complete this leg of the work? I am not mechanically inept but i am still trying to learn. I am however willing to learn the welding trade but i feel as if i am over my head in this one. 2.) If I am to even attempt this repair i want to remove the body and do a frame off restoration. I want to do it right the first time. How do i remove the body as effectively as possible in a driveway? I have heard of the trailer jack approach. Is it feasible to remove the body before tackling the rust or should I complete the repair before removing the body? I am planning on adding pictures to this thread later today when i get home so that those that wish to see what im dealing with can get a better idea of my situation. Thanks again, Justin
  7. Cebreros

    1951 Cranbrook

    My Old Plymouth.
  8. Bought a 51 Plymouth Cambridge with a good running 218 flathead a few months ago... I'm not a master mechanic, am using this project to learn. Seems one of the best ways to get a mild hp boost is to up the exhaust, so I picked up headers from Tom Langdon and a couple of glasspacks mufflers. I will eventually swap the intake manifold & add a second carb, but don't have the cash yet. So my question... what is the device that sits above the central portion of the headers and is connected to the carb via linkage (see attached photo)? I'm guessing it's some kind of heat riser .... can it be removed during header swap without any mechanical repercussions? Many thanks for any help - I know I'm a novice, that's why I'm asking "stupid questions" here before I tinker with this beauty.
  9. Looking for help on my 1950 panel. Looking for body parts and hopefully pics of one with good floor braces and door jambs. Needs lots. Any and all help appreciated thanks in advance.
  10. Does anyone have a wiring diagram for a 51 B series pickup?
  11. From the album: More of my 51'

  12. What's up everyone. This is only my second post. Been lurking for a month or two. Just bought a 51 cambridge as a surprise wedding present for my bride; married exactly one month ago and we drove away from our reception in it. Bought it from a guy at work through our classifieds after striking out trying to find a classic car to borrow or rent for the reception. Ran accross the car and instantly fell in love with it. My wife was thrilled when she finally realized I bought it for her. Anyway, it runs great; purrs like a kitten. I think its got about 48K or 148K milese on it; I don’t think it’s been rebuilt or overhauled, but what do I know. Not original paint, but everything else seems to be original and stock (except 12v light bulbs, new solenoid, plugs and wires, ignition coil, engine oil, etc.). I think it was painted some 6 or 8 years ago. It has a crack in the exhaust manifold. I just had the carb rebuilt, but it’s leaking like a sieve on my exhaust. I’ve read a ton about float height adjustments and such on this forum and my Dad (whose an aircraft a&p mechanic from back in the day) and I are going to tackle that this weekend. We drove around in it all day the day after the wedding visiting family around town and she’s in love with it as much as I am which is awesome. However, she’s already talking crazy talk about upholstery colors, some of which make me dry heave a little; but whatever makes her happy… Short-term goals: - fix carb leak - replace rotor, dist. cap, points & condenser - adjust timing, dwell etc.. - brake shoes, springs and cylinders - oil pan gasket - change transmission and rear-axle oil - replace as much of the bare exposed wiring as I can - compression test on cylinders - flush radiator - fix dash lights (I suspect the old 6v bulbs are still back there or something like that, 6v bulbs were still in the brake light assemblies. Replaced with 12v bulbs and now they’re working - replace cracked ballast resistor Long-term goals: - update upholstery - new wiring harness - address what few rust issues there all. All-in-all, the body and chassis are in great shape and relatively rust free - teardown and overhaul engine - re-chrome a lot of trim - probably a new paint-job while we’re at it
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