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  1. Dear Dodgeb4ya

    I have received the graphite seal part # 1320561  for my Chrysler New Yorker sedan c-56 1953 v8 (fluid drive housing type). Unfortunately this part does not fit to my car. See picture attached. It has not the two notches, so I suppose it is for a Bellows type seal. I have found this other part on ebay which seems to have the two notches. Do you think it is the one appropriate to my car?


    thanks again for your support!


  2. Thank you again for the information! Any website for purchasing and delivering them to Spain? (did you hear about https://www.collectorsautosupply.com ?)

    Regarding the Graphite seal ring part # 1320561, I have checked it (see link) and it seems not to have the two small cut out notchs. Is it valid anyway for the housing type seal?


    Thank you very much again for your kind support!


  3. Dear Dodgeb4ya

    Do you know where I can buy the "graphite seal ring and the rubber seal ring gasket ( large Rubber O-Ring)" you have previously commented?

    Regarding the seal spring, I found this one:


    Do you think is it appropriate for my Chrysler New Yorker sedan c-56 1953 v8?

    Thanks in advance!



  4. Thank you for the information! Nevertheless, I do think that in my case I need the other parts (they are not in good conditions), in particular the seal spring, which is in very bad conditions and not working properly. I would be very grateful if you could provide me with websites where I can find these parts to be sent to Spain. Thanks again!

  5. Thank you very much for the information! In that case, I would need the following parts (see picture) of my Chrysler New Yorker sedan c-56 1953 v8 (fluid drive housing type):

    -i) Seal housing gasket; ii) Seal ring; iii) Seal ring gasket; iv) Gasket retainer; v) Seal spring.

    Any help would be appreciated on how to obtain these parts. I only found the seal spring in ebay for 39-50 Chryslers, and I am not sure if it suites to my model. In addition, I would need these parts to be shipped to Spain. Thanks in advance!

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