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    Retired from the USAF after 25 years
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In the fall of 2015 I retired from the USAF and relocated to eastern Idaho. As a retirement gift my wife got me a 1952 3100 for me to work on, unfortunately it was not original and needed a lot fab. As I am not a fabricator I decided to look for a new project. I have always been a fan of Dodge, I own a 2006 2500 and when I found my 1952 B3B I just fell in love. They are rare around here and I have found that it is not as easy to find parts as the Chevy was, however I am enjoying the ride....My truck is a driver that I occasionally take to shows, it will never be a show truck as I do not have the money and I beleive if you are going to have a vehicle you should drive it! 

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