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  1. I did not look up your specific request but they have lots of stuff...try https://www.robertsmotorparts.com/interior-area-related-parts?pagenumber=11
  2. Have put in non ethanol gas, have heat shield and changed the coil... will take it out for another run and see where I am at
  3. Looks like I will need to repair the heat riser, the spring is sprung....however it is always sitting in the closed position so that should just make it run crappy before it warms up it should not have an issue when warm......anyone know what a good operating temp is, my truck runs around 196 when warmed up..I believe it might be the fuel vaporizing issue p81jan mentioned just confused about the heat riser if it is always closed heat is going right out the exhaust and should not cause this issue?
  4. Looks like I will need to repair the heat riser
  5. Dan points look good to me but I am no expert, lol...as for the timing.......that Is something I need to check....
  6. Thanks for the info, unfortunately I don’t think it is the starter or cables, I will double check but I am sure I have size 1 cables, I am getting 6.7 volts to the starter
  7. Heat riser is there but not hooked up, will look at what position it is in.......I have tried to push gas pedal and starter at the same time but it still takes time
  8. Only if I leave the choke out after warm up, not an issue when I remember to push it back in
  9. Interesting. Never thought of that. I will check that out.
  10. Your third picture is what I have on my 52, I have not owned it the whole time but I was told they were original
  11. my dash bulbs were missing so I had to find some replacements, whent to a mom and pop store in the next town over and yep he had them but I had to buy the box of 20.... no issue with me now I have spares.......got Home plugged them in and none of them would work, so I did some research and bought a different brand on eBay, and yes I bought the box...still nothing, then I realized they have to indtalled in the gauges for the ground to work.....moral of the story......I have lots of 6volt bulbs if you just cant find them anywhere else.....oh and I need to learn more!
  12. Did a search and did not see any answers .....I Have a 52 B3b with original engine still 6 volt system, cold starts great but after running for awhile and warming up it is a bitch to get started, the starter has recently been overhauled so I do not think it is the problem. I have the heat shield for the fuel pump. Anyone have similar issues, I hate taking the truck to run a quick errand because I look stupid cranking away for ten minutes trying to get her started again......
  13. I have this book for my ‘52 and it has been very helpful it is not all inclusive but most of the mechanicle issues I want to tackle are in there, but not everything for instance windshield wiper motor etc is not in this book.
  14. This was the first project I did with my ‘52......what a learning experience it was ....i had lots of slop in the old king pins but did not have to go oversized. I removed the whole axl to take to a machine shop to have the new king pins put in , my truck no longer wanders and the steering is spot on. These systems in these trucks are so simple i catch myself overthinking everything. The biggest pain is the shacklebushings IMO.
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