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    1952 B3B Pilothouse low bed driver - 10 years - on the road
    1952 B3B Pilothouse low bed frame-off - 15 years in re-assembly

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  1. There is also a smaller Pilothouse truck group on Facebook which can be helpful if you have a Facebook account. Jim in Texas
  2. Yes, there is a car forum and a truck forum. Create your account right here and the answers for just about any question, part, procedure can be found. Spend some time famialirizing the forum structure to suit your car or truck, and you’ll find members are very knowledgeable and responsive to questions. Enjoy!! Jim in Texas
  3. Been to Bernbaum and Steele without success looking for the rubber bushing/grommet the fits into the shifting linkage rod next to steering knuckle. Anyone have a source?
  4. Good weather in Dallas today and found time to pull two rear wheels to change tires. Discovered left rear wheel is missing the hub. If you have a spare I will gladly cover your part, your time and shipping. Thanks, Jim
  5. High box sides also have reinforcing horizontal ribs popped into sheet metal and the low box sides are flat sheet metal, both having similar rounded tops and stake pockets. 1949 to 1952 B Series rear fenders are rounded and the late B Series models started using flat top rear fenders in 1953, generally called B4's.
  6. A B4B maybe? You still have the split front glass window but a square rear fender. Can't tell from angle but it looks like a 108 wheel base 1/2 ton, low bed. Good looking side view mirror. We notice your radio antennae. What model radio do you have, for if it is a Mopar 610-T, you have the holy grail! Body looks to be in great shape. Show us some more photos, in and out. The truck-o-matic transmission was just coming out in late production 1953, the last year of the Pilothouse B Series. Welcome to the club. The Search link above will be your archived bible of Pilothouse information.
  7. I have two 1952 B3B short/low box 1/2 ton's so I perk up in a conversation about them. The short/low box models (I believe only on half tons) were popular for short haul, lighter load delivery trucks like grocery, hardware, etc. where it was easier to lift boxes and merchandise over the sides and not have to drop the tailgate. Might possibly be other explanations.
  8. Knobby, I have four 15' wheels and tires on my parts truck in Dallas. I am trying to get it out of my yard this week. Bring a trailer and you can have the frame and cab with wheels attached.
  9. I'm in Dallas if you want to come see my 1951 B3B driver. I also have a B3C parts truck with doors off but windows still in doors. You can take a door with you and return it later. Nothing like seeing the real deal.
  10. April 2011 purchase on e-bay. Still regretting where the bidding ended. I am having it restored stock.
  11. I don't get on the site as much as I want to. Still a working stiff and in year eight of a frame off, and still can't get my driver running. Hope these help. They're out there. Have faith! Here are all the photos on Photobucket for part numbers: http://s34.photobucket.com/albums/d148/JimGaspard/Dodge%20Truck%20-%20Misc/Mopar%20611-T%20Radio/
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