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  1. I’d love nothing more than to pass my brothers 36 ford flatty, surely if rebuilt properly and with a lil extra to help the asmatic breathe can’t hurt running low numbers? Any thoughts on adapting auto trans?
  2. G’day all, i’ve decided too keep the original flathead in my 47, i would appreciate any help as to rebuilding the flatty. I’d like to build it too handle a intercooled eaton m90 blower or turbo with blow through carb possibly and a auto trans, thoughts? Cheers shaneo.
  3. Hey guys, thanx for your replies. Rob your on the money it's the same as your photo just has two more doors. I was purely only thinking that motor and trans because i have that combo fresh sitting in shed, has crossed my mind of leaveing the six in. Are they worth throwing $ into them, it is a super deluxe supose to be the highest output motor you could get for that model? Its got low miles she has been in a barn for the last 35 years. Also are butch's or rusty hope gear worth a look? Might have too pick your brain Andy Il give you a call cheers.
  4. Gday all, any help towards my new project would be awesome, i'm new too this jazz/forum and not so good at the interweb tech world. These mods i plan to do to my d25 would have been done do death i'm sure but what is the best latest diy gear as far as dropping in a 350 chev, turbo 400, front discs, brake/booster and master upgrade and lowering front end. Also rack n pinion right hand drive. Any help much appreciated i'm located in Aus.
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