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  1. Man that thing is a hulk! I really like it I wish my panels were that nice. I bet that paint would buff right up with some compound in a day’s work.
  2. Oooh I think I hit the goto last page arrow instead of goto next page arrow! mods feel free to delete the whole thread haha sorry
  3. huh yeah I have no idea how I did that as far as I know I was just scrolling the recent posts killing a few minutes... must have hit a wierd hotlink to end up at his post I’m at a loss
  4. Yep my truck came with a 4.10 gear ratio rear axle. You can jack up one side of the rear and turn a tire while you watch the driveshaft to rough check the gear ratio. The U bolts? Assuming you can source new ones cut those suckers off. No sense wasting energy unscrewing stubborn scrap metal.
  5. Oh I guess the heater send line would be even better
  6. If you can weld a fitting into a tube with bubble flared or bead rolled ends (or buy one) you can definitely put the sensor in the radiator hose but it won’t tell you much until the thermostat opens. It would be good insurance against overheating but I will say I never overheated my 230 with stock rad and no shroud
  7. Here it is installed. I love iphones I was able to set it down on the throttle body recording video and check WOT from inside the truck.
  8. Huh. Maybe the cars were geared differently. When the truck had the 230 flathead, 28” tires, and the stock 4.10 rear it would burn one tire no problem if you revved it a little and popped the clutch. I am not the smoky burnout king I hate buying tires but the torque was there for sure.
  9. It’s always something innit? I have been testing and tuning since all the fuel system upgrades and fixes. Lately it breaks loose the tires from a stop but not in spectacular fashion. I checked out some datalogs and saw that flooring the gas was only 35% of WOT! That’s like feeding the 512 with a 280 cfm carb! Well a little investigating revealed that my cheap aftermarket throttle pedal setup had slipped it’s splines on the pedal arm. No problem- I drilled and tapped through the aluminum arm and shaft, red loctited a machine screw in there, and the shaft broke in half in a different place! Junk. I spent a day wishing I had a lathe and looking at junk you can mail order then today I made a new pedal assembly out of steel. I used a large fine thread bolt and nut for the pivot, tacked in bolts to the bracket so it can be pushed in place then installed from the engine bay side without a helper in the truck. It’s pretty crude but I think the repop harley brake pedal rubber churches it up a little bit. It’s the middle of the night and raining cats & dogs here but tomorrow I hope to try it out. I kinda can’t believe I didn’t notice the pedal slipping closer to the mat!
  10. I used hockey pucks under my front radiator support and bought aftermarket polyurethane body mounts. They are really nice they come with a metal sleeve so you can get good torque and I haven’t had a squeak yet.
  11. Nice milestone! Can’t wait to see video of it driving
  12. This guy demonstrated his in an empty parking garage vs stock modern ford horn. Sounds cool. I can’t place what car the piaa horns sound like but the tone is familiar. Anybody?
  13. It’s the end of an era! No more Mr. Niceguy! My buddy who brought the truck up from Virginia around 03ish (?) sold it to me, got it back in a trade, and sold it to me again put in an aaoogah horn the last time he owned it. It was just a modern cheap one so it didn’t have the exaggerated wind up to it’s full scream or that low burping ah! as it quickly winds down like the old 6v ones have but it was still cool and made people smile when we’d give a friendly honk while cruising. I couldn’t find a new one that I wanted to buy, and I would love an air horn but not like there’s a locomotive coming, more like a late 70s bigrig with a flat nose and a screamin’ jimmy. Loud but still fun not totally ignorant. Maybe someday. I got a set of piaa dual tone conventional modern horn snails and threw them on the fender apron where the aooga horn used to live. They are loud but still kind of bassy as advertised. They kind of evoke a 70s caddy or lincoln maybe? But that’s just my imagination. At least my grant horn button is fresh and has a good action and electrical path, and the horn relay on the fusebox panel delivers a nice shot of current. It should be easy to give a friendly meep meep which can be tricky with some modern airbag steering wheel horns, and still be able to lay on a stereo middle finger when needed.
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