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  1. Can anyone help me out with this I can't find anywhere what the torque specs are for a 47 251 and what order to tighten the studs. My manuals haven't came in yet.
  2. I am having a real hard time finding a rear floor pan and truck floor for my windsor. It's a 47 any help would be appreciated. What years and cars are interchangeable on these floors? Would it be easier to just buy the tin and make them myself?
  3. Yeah I learned my lesson with my monte carlo. I lost alot of nuts and bolts and ended up buying the whole kit. It wasn't cheap. Now I have a lot of those plastic fishing boxes that I use for small parts and lots and lots of masking tape.
  4. It'll buff out - Joe Dirt. It's not in that bad of shape. I've seen alot worse. I'll deal with the chrome later. I just want to get the sheet metal fixed, safe and drive able right now.
  5. Thank you. I thought I was doomed haha.
  6. Here she is 47 Windsor. Needs cleaned up a bit haha. I'm in need of mostly sheet metal. This is the list I have now. Both rockers Front and rear floors Trunk floor. My question is if found the front floors and rockers that was easy. But, where can I find the truck pan and rear section on the interior floors? I found a trunk but it's for a 49-52 will this work? It looks the same.
  7. They are easy to figure out but also complex at the same time. They can be very frustrating. This car is in good shape I'll upload some pictures when I get the chance.
  8. Thanks for all the feedback. I ordered the parts manual. And a restoration manual for the car. It's in good shape just need to get the engine in order and clean the interior. All the lights work, turn signals and all. I practicality stole the car for what I paid for it.
  9. Thanks everyone for the info. I have to start to tear it down and see what's gonna need replaced or if I could I'd like to rebuild some of the original stuff.
  10. Thanks Casper. I'm not sure where I can buy parts for this type of car not many options popped up on Google. Like engine parts the car is way to clean and nice to chop up as a rod so I'd like to go to original or as close as I can.
  11. Hey everyone I'm new to the chrysler scene just bought my first mopar product. It's a 1947 Windsor all original complete car, semi project needs front floor pans and the engine needs looked over. I've never messed with these older cars before in fact the oldest car I have touched was my 72 monte carlo. A little info on the car would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all in advance.
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