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  1. I made my own, will know soon if it works. I made it from a piece of .050 sheet with tabs inside and outside, the inside ones bent in and around the opening of the bellhousing the outside ones bend around the leather boot base. So far it is good, will know when I bend the outers around the boot. Maybe in a few days. Dave
  2. My new one has no tabs, going to check with the vender tomorrow. I may have to make my own tabs. Dave
  3. Did not notice tabs on it but will look tomorrow. Thanks. Dave
  4. I am putting a new clutch in my total restoration of my 41 Plymouth. It is a stock rebuild. I bought a new leather seal/cover and do not know how it is attached to the bellhousing I know it is rivited to the clutch fork. Any help would be appreciated, dave
  5. I have not got the wheels back, hopefully soon, with the front suspension also. I put the engine in the frame 2 days ago, today I put the body on the rotisserie for some underneath rust repair. I will send some pictures to your email. Just noticed you have a 53 GMC on your list. I have a most parts of a 270 if you are interested. Dave
  6. Thanks, I will check them out. Dave
  7. Does anyone know of anyplace that rebuilds the instrument cluster for my 41 p12 plymouth. Dave
  8. Exactly Chrysler thankyou!
  9. Totally different style throttle linkage than I have! The mechanism sits on the side of the block and ends up going straight across the head to the carb. Dave
  10. I am rebuilding the engine for my 41 plymouth and I am working on the throttle linkage.Mostly all original except it is getting a P-24 218. There was a throttle return spring that was wired to the carb and then back to the linkage. After looking at this it seems to me that there is a provision on the linkage cluster for a return spring that would terminate somewhere near the starter and would travel on the same plain as the linkage from the footfeed. Does that seem correct? Where would it terminatee? On or nesr the starter? Dave
  11. I was waiting for the final fitting of the manifold, I thought maybe if it came off a truck it might be a 23 inch engine, is yours a 25 inch engine?
  12. WOW! I cannot believe my good fortune in finding this just when I am about to do my front suspension. Thanks so much for posting this. Now to build it. Thanks again. Dave
  13. Thanks Jan! I would not have guessed that the conical steel nuts were supposed to go into the conical washers, I just thought they were regular lock nuts, now I have to look at the washers more closely. Dave
  14. I am installing int/ext manifolds on my 218 plymouth stock manifolds. I bought a manifold stud hardware kit. I think I have it figured out but want confirmation. My guess is that on the exhaust manifold outer ends it takes 2 steel locknuts and 2 brass washers on each end. Then the 4 steel washers go on the studs that secure both intake and exhaust flanges and all of these plus the remaining studs get the brass nuts. Can anyone confirm or correct this for me? Dave
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