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    Electronics,welding,auto body.
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    1948 Plymouth coupe,bought by my grandfather.

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    I am a retired heavy equipment mechanic.
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    Retired (sort of)


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    Cars and tube type radios

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  1. Hello-We bought a steel repop tank from Mopar Pro for our P15 business coupe that had a rotted original tank. The tank was a good fit to the trunk floor and the fuel inlet pipe lined up well,the 2 wire stainless sending unit he sells fits the screw holes with out any elongation. I would buy this tank again. James
  2. Hello,I had occasion to install a set of these sealed power guides last July. I drove the original to the block out with a bit in the air chisel, cleaned the bores out with a wire brush and let the block warm up in the 100 degree temperature in front of the shop. I chilled the new guides in the freezer for about 10 minutes,then gave the bores a shot of WD40 and drove them in with a two pound hammer and a piloted driver. My machinist friend loaned me two hand reamers and the handle to turn them with,only a very light cut was required. I would buy these guides again,the fit was good and easy to finish ream. James
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