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    still farm full time,other intrests
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    1948 dodge, d20 ? have to look again<br />
    4 dr. suicide ,39,000 miles

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    am 59 ,working with grandson 14 on 4dr. 48dodge
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  1. Ex hired man , that scrapped , was donated a Morris minor car.from an old yard , I think it was 50s? Not running, but all there, no dings , no rust .I will try and get a pick off him, i thought if there ever was candidate for a restore that was it.
  2. Thanks good to know , but without a gauge I fill it every time I leave the yard on my test drives. And make sure I have my phone . Almost ready to put antique plates on it , and drive the 12 miles to town. I just have to get the brakes tuned in a little better. Gaining every time I adjust , but still pulling more than I like.
  3. I did the rad shop clean and coat inside, on the 48 Cdn. D24 175 $ and it did have a hole. Maybe should have went new , but with exchange new was 600 plus Canadian $. I rebuilt the straps , would have been another 120$. I had a hard time getting the drain plug not to leak. It is friggin tight now .Still no gauge , tried a 17$ China sender I thought might work. No luck. I guess I have to pay up. Plymouth , what has a 6.5 gallon tank. ? I am guessing my d 24 at 12-15 If anyone knows tell me.
  4. Well I built your tool yesterday, ,had the nut in the bolt bin. Sure helps but there still is play, it helps for ballpark , but 6 thou.? But a lot closer than I was before. Have all China new master and slaves, Driver front grabs and still have air somewhere, , will check for free play on master next. Eventually I will get the air out, researching a power bleeder. Thanks for the tips . Learning slowly But learning
  5. Not that it helps but 4002 Canadian is a dark blue
  6. that looks ok , like your position , looks better than high I think, do you have a passenger one too.
  7. Actually , I have a mirror question 48 d24 4 door. I can not stand . No side mirrors. Any tips on the style to use. What you like and what you dont
  8. 69 gtx you are right , and 69 charger dk. blue /white vinyl . never had sorry no pics , , came from hosp. in a51 Plymouth, in 58 , then dad had a 57,and almost a new 64, but mom sent him back to get the cheaper used 61. then his first new car 68 polara. later 74 sebring plus , the 68 first car I drove with licence first cool one was the sebring . . as a kid drove 2 and 3 ton 46-48 dodge /fargo grain trucks , and 52 fluid drive 1 ton. first car I bought was a 70 Newport custom 4dr . hard top. 70,000 miles. memory 11 yr. old ,summer day , on the front lawn in 69 cleaning the polara ,for a 3 day holiday at the lake . listening to WLS Chicago, from the west side of Saskatchewan, 1500 miles away , for the music and the grand Spalding dodge commercial's . Red rubber ball was the song. going to the RR tracks in august , 3/4 mile way to get a sneak peak at what the new models looked like , 68,69 70 loved the 69 charger. years later brother had rebuilt his 71 gtx 440 six pak . we were over 150 mph in 4th and he backed off because the revs were over 6,0000 . you do not forget , going that fast . ever , even slowing down was scary.
  9. Did they build woodies because they Were cheaper to build , or did they build them just for style?
  10. A story from early 1970s. Had a 52 dodge 1ton .fluid drive. It was The fuel truck for the farm 300 gallons Diesel. I was 12 brother was 15 he was saying You could start in any gear.. I advised against it. . Can not remember how much gas he had on. But some for sure. Slid his foot off clutch, bang broke rear Axle. At idle may be nothing ,would have happened. Was just glad it was not me in trouble
  11. Just tightened the slack in mine. It was at least 6inches. Before . Took the cap off the btm. Timken. I think that was a mistake. Shims all Selfdestructed. Ended having to replace With my own gasket.. With the adjuster on top steering tightened up to one inch .free play. Should I go less ? there was zero slop in any of the linkage. Will not be able to road test for months. topped up with GL . Was pretty thirsty
  12. Sure enjoying this thread... Working on a lot of the same things now. On my 48 D24 .4door. Good info on rear axle bearings. Has been open for a year in shop. Cleaned Blasted it out and put in grease zerk to lube bearings. Could not believe how little grease was in there. As for weld quality , I will take my picks from far away. Was pretty bleak , for a while. rebuilding rockers and cab corners from scratch. Still a Long way to go ,But now I can actually imagine it it driving with brakes, Will not be as pretty as yours . But I will happy at that for now
  13. did you try an impact driver, worked on my door hinges, and thanks Don for the info on the plasma cutter. now that I own one it might be good to know
  14. I am assuming , there is no real oil cooler in the car application. am I wrong . we were wondering why the bell housing was vented so well. maybe that is why .
  15. art is what it is that air flow , wow , gives me crazy inspiration to stretch the 48 dodge , not that I could do it . makes me think about , my 70 Newport custom , sitting over the hill, massive sheet metal hood . , you could stuff 48 beer in front of the rad , chrome stainless fender trim , marker lights . long beautiful brushed stainless flat trim and die cast grill ./ 60s modern . loop bumper , 4 dr , hard top . the dash was better than the 71 where they went to plastic. than the gooey rubber one on my 70, no cracks yes most of the big Chrysler interiors sucked , very tacky , all the gold thread and trim , but that is what my uncle / buyers wanted . ruined a lot of cars . I am a sick man , but something about crank vent windows I long for , lost in 71 either it is the beautiful clean lines of the late 60s early 70 s . challenger/ charger. 69 charger, or 69 gtx what more do you want. it don't get much better than that or the old curves and beautiful interiors. of the old ones the only thing that bugs me about the old cars is all the horrible things that happened , in the ww2 time frame . just hard to take . maybe not related , but my brain does the association
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