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  1. Yup, we’re all good now. Thanks M.Klapp
  2. Well, rear shackle hangers are shot, so we'll add those to the list!
  3. Got it up and running again, was having a starting issue, but have some seepage on the driver side front edge of the bowl still. New (2nd one) gasket and torqued down as much as I dare without ripping the threads out. M.Klapp
  4. Nice! Let me know if you're ever out this way. M.Klapp
  5. Hey Guys, Didn't see a "Spotted Thread" so I'm just gonna post regular like. Headed to work this AM around 6:30 this AM and spotted a great looking hotrod truck. Cab and bead appeared to be 39-47, grill looked like it was from a pre-39, but didn't get a good look. Definitely NOT the wedge nose of the 39-47 trucks. Truck had old school California black plates. Anyone know this truck? Would love to get a closer look and chat with the owner. M.Klapp
  6. Hey WarriorDog, Its not that we don't have machine shops/engine builders here, we do, more than we need. Problem is a good portion are shysters. Some think everyone is a big time racer and want to charge $10k and 8 months to rebuild anything. And, as soon as they hear its "something special" they double the cost. I've dealt with a couple and have been less than impressed. Figured I'd throw the question out here and see if anyone had a recommendation. I know of one guy, but he's not really a builder, he's my cam guy Thanks, M.Klapp
  7. Anyone? Or, anyone willing to help me rebuild the ole 251? M.Klapp
  8. Hey Guys, Anyone know a good engine builder in NC? Preferably in the Charlotte-ish area. Thinking about pulling the ole 251 and having her overhauled. M.Klapp
  9. Yeah, been trying to figure out what wheels I want to run. I'd like something fat out back and narrower up front. M.Klapp
  10. Hey Ed, Whats your wheel and tire spec? Digging those red lines. M.Klapp
  11. I've heard this before and I'm just not picturing it in my head. I feel like the top edge of the bowl won't lie the bit sit flat. Sorry, maybe I just need to try it. M.Klapp
  12. That's good to know. Anyone have a link to that post?
  13. Thanks Fernando. Plan on making a gauge, should be pretty easy. And, its definitely getting too much fuel. Getting some seepage at the bowl gasket. M.Klapp
  14. Yeah, that's what we did. Rebuild kit measurement wasn't 100% clear, just said to use a 5/64th gauge, but didn't reference what to measure to. We laid a straight edge on the carb and eyeballed 5/64th (don't have anything that measures to 5/64th) to the top of the float. Ill try and get a gauge/ruler with the 64th marks. Can anyone verify 5/64th is right? M.Klapp
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