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  1. Here's another grille that i found surfing the webs.
  2. ☝🏽 thats bitchin... thanks for the idea boss, much appreciated...
  3. Before I get "baptized" with all sorts of bad comments.. i did check the hamb, and im into the custom car scene, nothin wrong with stock but its not me..... just looking to see if theres anyone HERE that has done a full chopped custom mopar??? Frenched light? Chopped rooftop, air bagged, custom grilles, etc etc....Pictures greatly appreciated... thanks in advance for the pictures..
  4. Are there any kustom grilles out there for the wide OG grilles on 51 coronets? Attempted the search bar.. but no luck... pictures wouldnbe great. Links to the building up process.... thanks in advance.
  5. I swapped my rear end with a dana 35c on my 51.. had it rebuilt to 355 posi.. just had to relocate the leaf spring perch's over 1/2" ..
  6. Yes, i went back to the "tech tips" and starting reading, i found one of your responses, stating ☝🏽 just that... using the access hole by #6. Im waiting for summit delivery on a degree wheel(hope you approve of it) their tech support said it would work....
  7. Make sure all orifices are plugged up before starting it, ....save your self a complete clutch flywheel teardown. And a huge oil spill.
  8. Hey boss, so my dampener is NOT a one piece with a pulley/shieve attached to it. It actually has 2 pieces. The dampener is one and the belt pulley is the other... pulley is in between block and dampener... is that how some D42 body style came? Will that cause any harm?
  9. So i finally got a new dissy... you see the shaft gap from the one that was giving me problems to the new one, with no gap/play...( give me a few while i figure out how to bypass the 3mb picture sizing )
  10. Thanks for the knowledge though i appreciate it, but it bugs me to not understand how it works..
  11. How does it relate to the timing? How it throwing it off? How is it linked to the distributor? I want to understand how it works
  12. Holy ****!!! Its vibrating !! How does that effect the timing exactly?!?! Im in loss of thoughts/words.... WHY? Or how???... i dont know or have a clue about how its related..
  13. Everything is new.. just finished assembling the motor.. carbs are carters bb, new hei. Carbs fine.. its timing.. i just dialed it to 0*, turned off the engine to lock the distributor. Turned back on, and it starts with a "nice" iddle than it just goes up to 15 to 20* btc again...
  14. I tried the retarded and it looses power, i also adjuted the carburetors and it dies.....Yes sir its a Langdon hei, i dont think theres other brands..
  15. Yeah vacuum advanced.... but i didn't have it hooked up while i was timing it
  16. Has anyone ever ran into any issues with their HEI distributor? I just walked into an issue on my motor. I bumped the #1 cylinder to tdc, locked distributor, wired up the firing order, & turned it on..... motor went into high idle. 900rmp....Checked the timing, using my timing gun, it was at 15* btc.. 3 times i turned it off and adjusted the timing again. 3 times it went to 15* btc.. new motor, chain is not loose. I havent even broke it in correctly yet because of this issue... is my hei distributor faulty? Thanks in advance for the advice and help.
  17. Thank you for the idea. I didnt think of that... gonna give that idea a shot. Much appreciated boss
  18. Doesnt sound like many of yall have overhauled a fluid drive transmission before. Yall are still thinking regular 3 speed...WHICH IS easier and everything does match up with the adapter plate and the whole nine yards... thats not the case with the fluid drive. Its all different under the car. Xmembers are in different locations at different offsets. Etc etc
  19. Im using a 49 Plymouth bellhousing, not much difference. Than any other mopar housing, yes its still cast iron. I wouldn't call it shame.. the fluid drive Xmember is riveted in under the master cylinder bracket which is welded on the frame. Whole different can of worm i didnt want to deal with.. plus, The bellhousing mounts are NOT even close to the 49 Plymouth bellhousing (3 speed manual). Mounting holes. Yes i have seen the bushin mounts, i replaced them on the fluid drive transmission.... its very tight space to fab out a "metal floor frame". Looking to have the car ready for mooneyes in December.
  20. Found this on google.. just researching my idea. Its a hudson hornet flathead race motor.
  21. Its too late for original Xmember mount.. i chopped it off from the middle to allow the 883 to drop into place.. i was thinking of something like this flathead here. Thought somone here might of been through what im going through.
  22. I used a standard 3 speed bellhousing. Alot shorter. Thats why the motor is swaying side to side, theres no belthousing mounts.
  23. You can see the original Xmember mount for the hydromatic trans is further back than that of a 3 speed. Thats why it had to be cut.
  24. Once again. I had the hydromatic trans on my 51 coronet. Its a longer bellhousing, pushing the Xmember back a few inches than the tegular standard 3 speed.. which will work. On a regular 3 speed manual coronet the 883 swap would be have easily done. Thats not the case with the hydromatic trans..
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