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  1. I have a Ford 8.8 with 3.55 gears out of a Ford Explorer in my 47 coupe Fit like a glove
  2. Yes sorry about the Sb 23” and LB25” it was confusing all around lol the engine is in short block form so the covers and head are still removed and need to be installed hence why the guy called it a short block The head needs to be done still but that’s it ! Everything thing internally in the engine is brand new mint mint !! So I think it should drop in my 47 coupeEasy
  3. Any good w30 non detergent oil is what I run usually penz
  4. Sorry boys for not getting back in the conversation but I thought I better go see the engine for my self . So long story short the 230 was for sale on CL and I was told it was out of a Fargo and it was a 230 SB he said it was rebuild never fired . I went and looked at it tonight and wouldn’t you know ? It wasn’t a 230 it was a 251 LB and was still wrapped it the plastic from the machine shop with recipes for 2600 just in parts not including the machine shop bill !! all in all I payed 800 and left hope I didn’t over pay ??
  5. That’s for your reply DJ but I was just wondering about putting a 23” where a 25” is currently sitting? Im guess maybe relocating engine mounts ?
  6. Short block 230 in place of a long block 218 is it straight forward or is there some modifications to make it work ? The car is a 47 dodge coupe
  7. I was able to get loop carpet real nice ones from Lordco auto parts in bc . they are a generic fit for multiple vehicles but they look good.
  8. Here in Vancouver BC me and the wife have had our 47 dodge coupe out a coupe times this spring already ! The weather has been really sucky lately and I’m going threw withdrawals lol
  9. Adam h just posted about making his own for a 230 , maybe you could ask him ? He looks like he knows what he’s doing they turned out mint !!
  10. Tried to get my door locks rekey and the old time locksmith said he couldn’t find out the key blank # he kept saying his old book said it should be stamped on the lock casing. I gave up but now I no the blank # so I’ll have to go back . Thanks
  11. Need to see a photo , nice rag top mark !
  12. Brad47

    Spitfire head

    It would be nice if it could work but it’s a little out side my realm of expertise.
  13. Brad47

    Spitfire head

    Thank you I’ll try
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