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  1. Back in the "old" days bumpers and spare tires were options like radios and heaters. There were a bunch of aftermarket bumpers available that were actually sturdy enough to pull a trailer.
  2. Mine has the indention for a license plate. I don't have personal first hand knowledge but it was sold to me as a '54 from Wildcat Auto Salvage in Oregon. I'd say that if it fits and looks good I'd go for it.
  3. Oddly, California had a black plate with white lettering for 1945. The 1946 validation tab was yellow with black letters.
  4. We're on our 4th house in nearly 50 years. All of them were higher elevations for this very reason. The house we are in now would be overflowing with people long before the water reached us. Those folks that were flooded out are fortunate to be alive. My guess is that most all of them will rebuild on the very property that was flooded.
  5. Thanks very much. It all makes sense now.
  6. I'm looking to do the same thing and thank you for the part numbers. My only question is which line goes where on the remote base. I've used these remote filters before and they have had an arrow indicating the "in" ports. Which line from the engine goes into the "in" port? I don't know which is which on the engine itself. Thanks!
  7. My wife uses Rain-X on shower doors and mirrors in the bathrooms. She claims that there is no water spotting and need for squeegee use. The down side is that I need to check a car for Rain-X prior to leaving for a weekend.
  8. Absolutely the truth here. The outdoors is the only place for sand blasting.
  9. Two of the "pins" on my truck were stuck carriage bolts. Heat and vise grips and Kroils and they unscrewed right out. The others were not as easy.
  10. I always liked the smell of a fireplace, too. What I didn't like was the cutting wood, trying to dry it, making a mess carrying it in, and the probability of bugs being introduced. So this time we have an electric fireplace that operates at the flip of a switch. No bugs or mess but it surely does not smell the same. This is our fourth (and last) house and the other three had fireplaces. I'm a slow learner. Enjoy your fireplace!
  11. I started my two boys fairly early. They came in really handy especially with their small hands. Now when the grandsons are around I get an hours work out of them before the 4 wheelers come out. Sometimes it is picking up sticks and sometimes it is working on an old car but they have to work a little. One of them complained to his dad that he didn't think it was fair to make them work. His dad said that he'd had to do it and that they were going to have to do it.
  12. You might also check to make sure you have the correct firing order and that it is set up for the rotor's rotation. Sometimes one can forget which way the rotor turns according to a friend of mine.
  13. Well, my regular sources came up dry. Anyone have part number 1266 640 (clutch housing cover or pan) for sale or have a source to recommend?
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