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  1. ...I just ran a search using the part number P15-23350 and came up with the following link to a supplier: http://www.classicautopartsgroup.com/MUSTANG/hazel.exe?client=59219359&action=detail&item=P15-23350 The image on the website makes it look like the light has a greenish sparkly finish, but it does not. It is unfinished stamped metal just like the original. Apparently the same light was used in early Mustangs.
  2. ...I dug out the repro one I purchased for $14.99 a couple years ago and here's are the product part numbers from the package. Might help you track one down. It is listed as an "Engine Compartment Lamp" however, it is the trunk light. 1956-71 All (although it is identical to the original Mopar light used in 1946-48) Replaces: C2RZ-15A700-A P15-23350 (ironic how the part number starts with P15)
  3. ...would be for a vacuum leak somewhere. I was told by a shop that specializes in distributor repairs that even a leak to the windshield wiper might cause the car to miss. Make sure all your lines are tight.
  4. ...and it seems to light up pretty well just holding a light under it, but I should at least find a chrome hood ornament to mount it in for a better test and I have no idea how much difference there is in the light source from a 6 volt bulb.... so... I'd say this test was a little half-@$$ and unreliable. I try and set it up better this weekend.
  5. ...I've never really logged on to the HAMB, but I'll have to give that a try. Driving it home would be fun!!
  6. ...so my parents always had a station wagon. I remember whenever we all needed to go somewhere together, the easiset way to fit us in the 64 Ford wagon was to fold all the seats flat which created a large steel cargo area. We loved sliding back and forth with each turn, banging into eachother and screaming at the top of our lungs!! Child Protective Services would probably arrest my parents today, but we all remember them as saints for putting up with us and making life a joy each and every day.
  7. ...Thanks so much for the responses and insight. You each seem to match my gut feelings on this. The potential buyer is the husband of a former student of mine. They're a great young couple that love old cars. Her husband is currently selling his entire stable of 7 Mustangs. This is being done to make a major investment in his tile business. He loves all old cars, but Mustangs are his main interest. He is hoping to find one car to keep him in the hobby until his investment pays off and he can add more cars. Lately he has become interested in Mopars, in part because of my P15 and in part because he fell in love with the 58 Dodge on site. I will pass on the info. I hope he follows through with this purchase. If he dosen't, I might try and find a way to buy it though the cost of getting the car back home would be extreme. They are roughly 1700 miles from me and in another country to boot. Thanks again. If anyone has more input, please keep it coming. I don't think we can be over-informed on this one
  8. A friend of mine is considering trading one of his many 65-67 Mustangs for a 58 Dodge Coronet 2 door hardtop. He lives in Mexico and sent me a few pics. The car looks pretty nice in the pics, but he said it does need work. Very solid car that could be drivin "as is", but knowing him, he will want to bring up to more of a show quality. Anyhow, the seller suggested to him that it was worth $6500. Any thoughts? I'm going to do the usual vintage bluebook checks as well as ebay etc. but I'm sure those prices will be all over the board. It's really opinions I'm interested in more than asking prices which may be inflated. Thanks!
  9. ..and charged $475 at that time. I'm not sure what he charges now, but his contact number is in the links section of this site.
  10. ...and I think his are the best, however, there is another place making them now and they put them on ebay fairly regularly. They are still expensive, but less than Hunley and the quality looks good from the images. Run a search on ebay for (194*, 4*) (plym*) (running boards,door sill*) If they have some listed, you'll find them.
  11. The material he installed for you is a near perfect match to the V-105 option that was correct for P15s. So you not only got a great price, but a correct material as well! Congratulations!!
  12. Maybe something to think about for a future car...
  13. ...and will give you great satisfaction in addition to the savings. I considered it, but after spending that much on the material, I didn't want to screw it up and then regret "savings". I'm not much on sewing either lol...
  14. Many items for the Mopars were made by 3rd parties and sold under the Mopar logo. The trunk light for the Mopars is no different than that which was used by Ford, Pontiac etc. Consequently, someone started remanufacturing them recently and sells them for around $15 brand new. I picked up a couple when they first came out a few years ago. Someone else picked up a bunch of them and immediately began selling them as Mopar replacements at around $100 each. Look around. You can find them cheap and in perfect working condition for less than $20.
  15. ...right down to an exact reproduction of the pinstriped wool broadcloth which Lebaron Bonney and SMS both had. Lebaron Bonney was $10 per yard cheaper and much easier to deal with so I went with them. I spent around $1500 on materials and a local guy did and exceptional job for around $2800 for labor. So I'm into mine for $4300. For comparsion sake, I should note that quotes in my area ranged from the low price I paid to over $10,000 and I'm sure my guy did better work than any of the other shops would have done.
  16. These and many other photos that might answer a lot of questions can be found in restoration photo gallery in my photobucket account. Here's two pics from the file. First shows the location of the compass and the second shows the turnsignal assembly.
  17. ...hadn't even thought about that for a long time. Where in the world did you come up with that pic? Did someone sell one recently? Not an item I would care to have in my car, but historically speaking it is really cool!
  18. indicator. The P15 version looks just like the stock one with three ribbed lines except that it has the arrows as well.
  19. My father was a vet of WWII, Korea and Vietnam. Three brothers are Vietnam vets and my nephew is currently in Baghdad. On my Myspace page, I use a different version of the tattoo I designed of my wife over my P15's tire for each holiday of the year. Here is the Veteren's Day version followed by my Pearl Harbor version and my original tattoo version: In case you're wondering, the tattoo was based on a 1940s pinup image of Jane Russell who happens to live in my hometown now.
  20. ....as I have only seen two in my life. One is on GTK's (our generous host) dash of his P15. The other was on ebay and it went for a small fortune. The problem is that the P15 version is not interchangeable with Dodge, Desoto or Chrysler. It's unique and extremely rare.
  21. ...the official Mopar compass. They were rare to begin with and because they were made of soybean plastic, few survived. Last one I saw sell on ebay went for over $800 although I have seen them sell for $183 on the low end (that would be the one I purchased) so you never know for sure what they will cost you.
  22. ...of me and just about every kid at the high school I teach at!! Beautiful and a 4 door hardtop. I haven't seen one of those in CA in years!
  23. ...to be invited to!! Wish I had some acreage... I'd throw one! Most I think my little cul-de-sac could handle would be about 4 or 5 cars. Could put on a hella BBQ though
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