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  1. Monitor settings will cause what you see to vary from one computer to the next. If you have an image viewing program such as Photoshop or Photo Deluxe, you can adjust the brightness and contrast to see the image better.
  2. ...of that couple and their P15 skimobiles. I now can clearly see the side-mount ski racks on the passenger side door.
  3. I got my rebuilt one for $75 online. Picked up another rebuilt one for a friend for $65 recently.
  4. There were two types to choose from for Mopars in `46-`48. The standard which looked like Bob's and the Skyway which mounted on the side of your car with two mounts. The attached photo shows the standard version. I think you can see it looks just like Bob's.
  5. Where did you find it? There were several people looking for material like that.
  6. Went with reproduction original style fabrics. The second pic was taken with a fisheye lens.
  7. Could be, but I have a picture of my mother at her high school in 1946 dressed almost exactly like the woman in this photo.
  8. Fashion appears to be correct for `46 - `49, but a couple of things suggest this photo might be from the mid `50's. For one, the red paint appears to have worn off the hubcaps, although that may have been a "sporty choice" of the owner(s). They do appear to be young, driving a convertible and sporting chrome fender guards and white walls which were hard to come by. The car is reflecting some blue sky on the glossy finish, but is definitely black. Very fun photo!
  9. ...and if I thought people would find it valuable. Well, to say the least it has been nothing short of a life saver on many occasions. I seriously think I would have thrown in the towel years ago if I didn't have this resource to turn to. Thanks again GTK!!!!!!!!
  10. ...is said to be haunted. The hotel was a favorite of celebrity guests on their way to Hearst Castle. Charlie Chaplin, Doris Day, John Wayne, Clark Gable and many others would stay there on their way from Hollywood to the Castle. You can still stay in the old rooms which are identified by their most frequent patron. This is the section of the hotel where ghosts are said to be seen and heard at night. Hmmm.... Can't say I've ever had a close encounter myself. The hotel has been around since the turn of the last century. The three attached postcard images are from the 1930s. The dining room in the image is where we will have our national meet meals.
  11. About 5 episodes. I think it was produced in 1940. Batman and Robin drive a late 30's Packard. The conversion to the batmobile is a simple lifting of the convertible top. The Robin character is pretty wierd. Sort of a mischievious Pan type character.
  12. You get a message that looks like an "unpaid auction dispute". Check your ebay account for messages. If it's not there, it's not real.
  13. Like Dennis, I really enjoyed the music and love the way you and your friends dress the part and take such cool period style photos! Great stuff! Keep it up!
  14. Don, I concur with all your comments and look forward to your visit to the Left Coast in January. If you have an opportunity to hit the Santa Maria area, give me a call/email/forum post (whatever).
  15. Will be a touchy thing with the wife though.
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