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  1. Rhode Island though you don't seem to want to use them. I know that both these places have their own looms which allows them to match the original Chrysler patterns on the wires. Don't know anything about American Autowire, but if they have a website, I'd like to check them out myself.
  2. ...they are using these numbers to match the colors with modern paint or do you think they are matching the colors with a spectrometer like my paint shop did? As I mentioned, each shop I spoke with said that the old codes were useless to them because the forumulas for modern paints were so different due to EPA requirements etc.
  3. ...in the Reference section of this site. The modern PPG code listed by GTK, matches the 70004 code that was barely legible on the paint chip set. Odd though, because when contacting paint companies, they told me the old numbers didn't match anything in the system. Hmmm... definitely ask a lot of questions before buying... Especially online.
  4. I might contact them and ask how they match the paint. Since they seem to have all paint chip sets and I don't believe any of the paint codes match anymore, I assume they are using a spectrometer to match the paints. If not, I noticed that it was very difficult to read the code for Sumac Red on their chip set. I have the Sherwin Williams set and the code for Sumac Red on theirs is 32611. Best of luck!
  5. ...which we affectionately call both "The Central Coast" and "The Center of the Best" but it's actually well south of the Central Coast which is closer to Monterey and San Francisco. I guess because we're half way between San Francisco and Los Angeles, we get away with it
  6. I know there has been a lot of discussion about the paint chip sets fading over time etc. I not only don't buy that argument, but went to several paint experts who agreed that the paint chips are accurate in spite of their age. If you have a set, you can take it to a paint shop with a spectrometer and they can match the chip exactly. If you don't have a set, they are available online from several sources including Art Davidson who sells literature and old paint chip sets. He often has an auction on ebay, but I think you can run a search for him online and contact him directly. GTK might even have a link to him on this site. I took a dashboard to my local shop that has a spectrometer and they matched the vogue brown perfectly including the correct size and volume of metal flake in the original paint. I compared their results to a NOS steering wheel and it was indistinguishable.
  7. Can be gathered from the collision test using a 2009 Malibu VS 1959 Chevy Impala. http://www.bing.com/videos/watch/video/2009-chevy-malibu-vs-1959-bel-air-crash-test/q9cgc9l6
  8. I had once thought about doing something similar to a set of P15 knobs. Using your basic idea except going with a combo of the original ivory color and a pearl color. The difference would from the original would be subtle but unique. I'll have to play around with a mock-up version in Photoshop and see if it's worth trying. Trick would be to maintain a translucent effect.
  9. ...found this footage from Barcelona Spain in 1908. Just a year earlier and half a world away, but human nature and behavior make it seem as though it could have been shot in the same place on the same day. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=f4f_1238469767
  10. And judging by the photos, came out quite nice!
  11. bolt that needs to be loosened from the side of the door near the rotor latch.
  12. Seems some rust is magnetic and some is not: "Rust is a non-technical term which doen NOT give compositional information (well, yes it does signify it is (mostly) a mixture of iron and oxygen). Ignoring real world rust which will have sulfates, nitrates, chlorides, all sorts of impurities in it... Iron rusts from Fe to Fe2O3 Ferric Oxide. Red Rust is not ferromagnetic (what we typically mean with the term "Magnetic") . Ferrous Oxide FeO (black rust) IS magnetic. Don't take my word for it! Put a steel nail under water keeping air out. The black rust will be attracted to a magnet. Or you could try pulling some flakes of rust apart. (on a very rusty (wet) surface) They will get darker and darker and if you're lucky you'll find some very dark if not black rust. Check to see if its magnetic. It is. So, if the question is is red rust magnetic, then everybody else is right. If the question is, is there lots of rust that is magnetic then think of all the sunken ships and all that black rust. Go try it! Fe(metal) +O2 => FeO (black) => + O2 => Fe2O3 (red) Black rust will turn to red rust as it dries out (the water just helps keeping the oxygen away) but in an open glass of water a nail will rust red just fine."
  13. ...maybe I'm a pussy like Rollie says... because my friend Manual worked on his P15 outdoors in all kinds of weather right in the dirt and mud and he got it running and cruising in the local shows in record time!!! Oh... but don't mention to him that sedans are for pussies because he's one dude that would likely take your head off in one clean blow. He loves his sedan!!
  14. ...the sedan was a nice place for getting it... not being it. lol
  15. And like the ad in the upper right says... "and Jim won't need the wishbone..."
  16. Can't remember if it was at Kragen or Harbor Freight or some such place, but they actually had one with air filled knoby tires. Kinda like those little red wagons that come with them.
  17. ...wouldn't kick either one out of my garage. If anyone can't stand their coupe and needs to give it to a good home... I'll make room.
  18. ... I find it's still too tight unless I run the P15 up on some ramps I have.
  19. Did you see all the beautiful parts on that P15??? The loss of those bumpers alone made me ill!!
  20. ...as they are today. 1. Four door sedan = Family 2. Two door sedan = Lots of friends, but doesn't want a family image 3. Club Coupe = Wants friends (especially female) but wants to appear anything but tied down to either a family or a particular female. 4. Business Coupe = Traveling salesman who would benefit greatly from the space and convienance of a sedan, but wants to be sure he's seen as "available" while on the road, even if he's not. 5. Convertible = Single and daring or at least wants to appear that way 6. Wagon = Early version of the Soccer Mom van.
  21. ...I used to be a blonde myself! Then I got smarter lol...
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