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  1. ...which of course belong to my daughter. Yes, Davis is great! I used to live in Chico and competed against Davis when I played on the Volleyball team. Love the whole area from Sacramento to the Oregon border. Beautiful country and I love the heat!!! I will definitely be visiting every chance I get
  2. ...but many, many things have been happening in my life. Most significantly, my incredible daughter, Danica, is graduating from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo this June. She finished top in her class and was awarded the University of California Distinguished Ph.D. Fellowship. Therefore, she will be continuing on next year at UC Davis which has the top program in the nation for her major which is Entomology (study of insects) and Integrated Pest Mgt. We're extremely proud and will have to miss the National Meet in Oregon, but for a very worthy cause. Pretty soon I'll have to call my daughter Dr. Maxwell lol.
  3. ...but how wonderful that he had a neighbor like you that loved old Plymouths. I'm sure he's looking down with satisfaction on at least that one piece of his life and it's new Steward.
  4. General Patton's neice was a neighbor of mine for the past 22 years. She passed away recently. She had lots of photos of herself with the general. She wasn't too much younger than he was (I believe she was 95 when she passed). I would have loved to look at all her old photos again to see if that car was in any of them.
  5. I really like this image. I cleaned it up a bit in Photoshop and will take it to Kinkos and have them print me one about 20 inches high.
  6. ...repops these. They're not cheap, but at least they're in pristine condition and cost less than the bid price on these. Still, as others have mentioned, you can't see anything on the passenger side. I believe they were intended more for convertibles.
  7. ...whom I'm sure will be greatly missed. What a beautiful tribute, location and collection of cars and their owners. I'm sure he's smiling.
  8. ...the real location, I can recall some old photos I've seen of Long Beach in the 30s and 40s and all those wells. You can still see lots of the caterpeller pumps working out there.
  9. ...Taft although I'm not familiar with windmills in the Taft area. Next guess would be Bakersfield near Tehachapi which would explain the windmills.
  10. ...for the Golden State Region of the POC. These were made around 7 years ago and I can't remember the details. I created the design in Adobe Illustrator and emailed the graphics to them. Price was reasonable and quality very good.
  11. ...from the Dealer Data Book.
  12. ...I media blast the backside, gently removing all paint. I then use 1000 grit wet/dry sandpaper followed by rubbing compound and then plastic polish to restore the finish. Finally, I use a brush to repaint the colors. This has to be done very carefully as the paint, if too thin, likes to wik quickly into all the crevices, getting into places it doesn't belong.
  13. ...the paint flaked off at some point... as they are known to do...and someone just sprayed gold to match what they saw remaining. I'm willing to bet that at some time it had the blue at the water level as it should. I have restored around ten of these where the paint wore off.
  14. combo. The black is a dark blue that appears black over time. If you look closely, you will notice a difference in the lettering too. Not sure if this pertained to a particular run or just two different suppliers for the part, but either is correct for a P15.
  15. ...the POC National in Wisconsin and one of the reasons was to finally meet Norm. I feel terrible that I didn't make it. What a character! I've bounced ideas off him, had light hearted arguments and received a great deal of help from Norm over the past 6 years or so. It was always fun to read Norms posts (there were many of them). I will miss his rebuttals as much as his passion for old Plymouths. I wish him well in the after life and send my condolences to his family.
  16. ...I can assure you that the hood ornament originally had NO paint on it whatsoever. If you like the look of red paint, go ahead, but if you're trying to get it back to original, it should be left unpainted. There are several errors in the POC judging guide regarding P15s. As mentioned in a previous post, the are not aware of the change in the door panel from 1946 to 47 as well as other errors. I appreciate their efforts for originalilty. That's what they're about and they make no appologies for it. I like P15s and old cars in general in just about any configuration that shows some level of good taste. Best of luck with yours!
  17. ...should be to "get a life", but seeing as you seem to accomplish more with old cars than the rest of us combined and still manage to make 8,000 posts, I will instead suggest that you share your secrets of time management with the rest of us
  18. ...about some French committee formed to preserve the French language. They were making fun of how those stupid Americans called them "Air Bags" when in fact they contained a "Gas". Of course, none of them were culturally aware enough to realize that we call them "Air Bags" because "Gas Bag" has a whole other connotation in the US that would be a just bit offensive to most folks
  19. ..., Sailor Jerry. We'll all share a Coke lol I'll throw on some vintage tunes and let the drunken teens fight it out with the police on the roadways. Fortunately, my daughter, now 22, has never been much into drinking. She is home from college and will be staying with us, so I don't have to worry about her out there either
  20. ..., most of which are from Chrysler, Dodge, Desoto and Plymouth dealerships and a key FOB from Joe's Garage in Hollywood. Also, a pic of a really cool cigarette lighter from a Desoto - Plymouth dealership "Sandra Motors Inc, Sam Shatten Pres." If anyone recognizes a dealership, please let me know. For the pencils, they are, top to bottom: 1. Quality Engineering & Tool Co. 55 Ebert's Lane, York, PA 2. Auto Glass Service Fresno, CA 3. Gold Auto-Lite sparkplug pencil location unknown. 4. Gold fountain pen just marked "DODGE" 5. G.H. Eshbach Chrysler-Plymouth location unknown 6. Brown, clear, yellow Auto-Lite sparkplug pencil location unknown 7. Roy E. Williams Chrysler-Plymouth, Carlisle, PA
  21. ...and love it! My students get a kick out of it too. I actually have a small collection of these from various sources. All have an automotive theme. Some have spark plugs in them and others just have auto shop or dealer advertising on them.
  22. ...that Zerk fittings are not correct for these cars and... when used, can blow out the seals.
  23. ..what would shipping be? I'm interested in titles dated 1946-48
  24. ...because as soon as I read this, I recognized it as the exit I sometimes take to visit my brother in Burbank. He used to work for Warner Bros. The image from Google Earth below confirms it! Excellent!
  25. ...but could be anywhere in the LA area. I would have to agree that this looks like a military purchase for the war effort. Probably to be used as stateside base transports.
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