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  1. Well, got the truck cobbled together enough to make it home. When I had the head off I noticed that the cylinder walls are fairly badly scored. Now it has a more modern radiator in it and a properly vented system running at about 7 ib's of pressure. Planning on doing another mechanical overhaul on it. Bit of a laundry list of things before he next race. Properly install gauges, add cage around fuel cell, reinforce the floor, find a proper aluminum radiator, adjust the alternator so that the v-belt is better aligned, etc. I need to get a hold of these guys and see what they did!
  2. Running at around 6000 ft, and it seems the head gasket went bad, and the overflow tube got kinked....So it went blowy upy. New head gasket in today and cobbled together a radiator and got it running again. The cylinder walls are pretty badly scored. Drove about 45 minutes after everything was done and didn't have any problems.
  3. Yeah, it is a blast to drive around for sure. Someone out there will be upset about it being ruined in some way(5 window, low bedside, springtime special, vent windows, comfy seat, radio, heater, 4 speed, all options that were ticked when new) truck was originally red with yellow fenders, roof, and wheel arches. Here are some pictures of when I first got it.
  4. Greetings all, just found this forum and seems like something I should have joined years ago. I have a 1950 Dodge b-2-b-108 that I go racing in. Has a Jaguar xj6 front suspension, firebird rear axle, airport tug engine, valiant steering column, camaro brake master, full roll cage, etc etc. Not fast in a straight line, but still a barrel of laughs. To those purists out there, this car was on it's way to the scrap heap when I got it. Not terribly rusty, but every single panel has been wrecked at some point in it's life. Sadly the truck overheated BAD this morning and it is pressurizing the
  5. With my 4 speed there is a fill hole on the side of the case, fill it up till it starts coming out. 80/90 gear oil is what I use, same in rear axle.
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