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  1. What great information. You mention that the air cleaners may be an issue for the hood. Is taking the balance tube off the solution? I do not have the exhaust flange to meet the manifold. May have to machine a part to fit unless you know where I could buy some. I would appreciate the shot of them apart. Is there a good work around for the linkage to work on the car? Thanks for your knowledge.
  2. Finally got the pictures off to you. Let me know what you think. RH

    1. Bob Riding

      Bob Riding

      Awesome shape, thanks!

  3. What disks and calibers does the Fatman kit call for?
  4. That could have been factory it looks that good. Someone else said it but it is tucked in perfect.
  5. These parts are what made me decide to restore the car with a 6 flathead. I have a 3 speed overdrive that I plan to use. Should be a fun car to drive.
  6. Yes it is a Plymouth. I have a 265 from a 53 Windsor I bought to gain the 25 to replace the 23. Just now got the motor out from the Windsor. Pulled the head off and it has perfect barrels.
  7. Thank you I have a lot to consider.
  8. But does that rule out my stock hubcap? I want to drop the car a couple of inches and the front spindles from Farman require me to use disks. That is why I was looking at the rearend as well. I may need to rethink how I get the result I want, dropped and small hubcap. I also would like to get away from bolts to hold the rims. I should a little scarred here but I was trying to give you a little overview of my end direction.
  9. That could be interesting about the fit. I will let this post know if it works out. Thank you for your advice.
  10. So I guess you are saying that the 15 in wheel will clear the calibers? Thats my real concern.
  11. Ok so wise me up. I'm guessing your meaning a machine shop but how would they adjust the backspace?
  12. Here is a shot of the intake. I will let you know about the extra parts.
  13. I was lucky enough to me across this aluminium head with the casting markings of Desoto Chrysler so it appears to be a part that was produced for a 25. I was also able to obtain from the same seller the matching marked dual carb, split manifold with the original air cleaners. I have obtained a 53 Windsor that has the 25 so I can install it into a 50 Suburban that needs me to lift the radiator cap and drive another body under it.
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