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  1. Just built a 230 Dodge motor w/ Edgy aluminum head. I,m not getting any water flow thru the head & top of the block. Thermostat is opening, good flow thru radiator.. Do I need a different head gasket?? or what to they mean by internal bypass water pump & the hole that has to be drilled in the head. Here is a picture of my setup. Grateful for any help!!!! THANKS IN ADVANCE
  2. Looking for a part # for 51 Plymouth pinion seal. Any help??? THANKS IN ADVANCE
  3. This shows what I needed. I have ordered the seal. Thanks for the quick reply. Vic
  4. 230 Dodge not drilled for bolt on RMS. Can't see how rope seal will fit in with thrust on crank. Ant help?? Pictures?? THANKS IN ADVANCE
  5. Rebuilding a 230 Dodge. My block is not drilled for the bolt on RMS. I can;t see how the rope type seal will fit in the groove with the thrust part of the crank. Any help?? Any advise?? Pictures?? THANKS N ADVANCE
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