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  1. OH! I'm also wondering where to get those brackets to hold the shaft to the U Joint!
  2. Thanks for the pressure bleed info. I'm going to try it. I don't know quite how you detected the mis-fit trouble with the U joint, but I investigated, and you may be right, though it's a very small difference if it's too big. I would like to try and see if it fits, but I am drawing a blank on how to for the drive shaft back in there. I'm willing to loosen the rear axle to do it, but I can't believe that's the proper way. It seems like you're supposed to collapse the drive shaft all the way, then expand it to fit the u joint together. But I've got it collapsed all the way, (I think- see photo with arrow at engine end), and as the pictures show, it won't go. What am I missing here?
  3. BRAKES and BLEEDING - Now that the new cylinders are installed and everything's back together, (I hope!), time to bleed. My question is, anyone have experience good or bad with pressure tank method of bleeding?? Bought a hardware store pump tank, about to try it. New Unrelated DRIVE SHAFT problem. I seem to have lost the little brackets that hold the rear U Joints to the Differential. (Yeah, " how could you do that?? I took all that apart a long time ago, but I'm mighty surprised to find them missing!) I don't see a source for them anywhere. (photos attached.) ALSO, it's been so long since I removed the Drive shaft, I've forgotten how one re-installs it, that is, how do you make room do get the rear coupling reattached?
  4. After reading the info you all have supplied, especially JB, I realize I had incorrectly thought those lubricating washers belonged to the spring shackles, but they belong to the brakes, so I'm good, and now I have the ones I need, definitely reusing what I have. The shock washer, maybe I'll poke around a couple of shops and see if they have any old ones laying around. THANKS!
  5. Done and done. You guys conquered my fear of the unknown on that one. I used the wood, though I have used sockets for similar tasks in the past. THANKS!
  6. I see what you mean. (pic attached). Tough call, you're probably right.......
  7. Three more questions today: 1- First pic shows the dust covers from the Front Wheel Spring shackles, and I'm missing some of them. Can you get these without buying a whole new shackle anywhere? I haven't found them yet. 2- 2nd Pic is a "curved" washer that goes on the shock shackle between nut and rubber thing, and I'm missing a couple. Another oddball thing to find these days! Where does one find one or more? 3- 3rd pic shows a new Rear Wheel bearing seal, the old ones are bent as in photo. Do you just pound out the old one and carefully pound in the new one? Or should I have a shop do it? I notice the old have 4 dings hammered in the edges. What does that do? Just kind of seal them in? Thanks in advance for any assistance!
  8. New Cylinders arrived today from DCM. They look great. Thanks to Merle!
  9. Thanks for the many replies and suggestions! I have ordered the set from DCM, which appear the same as the Hagen (another good resource). We shall see. The lines between the cylinders appear to be ok, but I will check them carefully. Yes, I am sure it's the cylinder threads that failed. The rears were rebuilt many years ago using the old housings, and they have just reached their end.
  10. Thanks! They look a bit different in their photo, but I'll give it a shot.
  11. I have managed to strip the threads on my lower left rear wheel cylinder by over tightening the brake line fitting. (Or- the threads were just too old.) In searching for replacement wheel cylinders, I don't see any that look like mine. Roberts, VPW, all the usual suspects. I'm figuring on replacing all four rear ones. Here are pics of mine. Any thoughts?
  12. Reassembly continues here in Maine. I can't for the life of me make sense of the column shift linkage down by the steering box end of things. In the pictures below, it looks plausible, but isn't because the curved piece is upside down and the grooves don't mesh with the little splines, so when you move the shift lever, the curved piece doesn't move in response. When I flip it around, the curved piece won't slide far enough up the shifting shaft to get the retaining nut on the bottom, even though the splines line up. I feel a sudden case of dyslexia overcoming me! Diagrams and photos have to be pretty specific to '53, and to the Truck o Matic, and I'm having trouble finding anything. Did I take good photos before I took it apart ten years ago? No, apparently I did not. . . . Any 53 Truck o Matic gurus out there?
  13. I see it here. So the pin bolts are just a bolt through the spring washer and clamping washer, the steering stop gets the bolt with double nut. Thanks!
  14. Beautiful.! I'm wondering where you ordered the hubcaps, since I am short those as well.
  15. So I've got it in the wrong place? I've definitely got two of them. ??
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