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  1. Thanks for the pics Eneto, see your pm. Cudan
  2. Thanks, the pics surely help me. Dan
  3. Thanks, yes i have the strap steel bracket up side down, it put it there for the pic. but on the partsbook pic the 15-11-7 is shaped totaly different? Dan
  4. Ok Cannuck, to which parts is the partnr 7-34-1 radiator lower cross bar mounted. when i have this info I can fabricate one. Dan
  5. One more pic with the parts i have, the grill is not on the pic but is present
  6. Hi, partnr 7-34-1 radiator lower cross bar partnr 15-11-7 brace from lockplate to crossbar these are parts I am missing and need some pics to fabricate them aan how the are bolted to the other parts. thanks Dan
  7. Hi all, I am trying to assemble the inner and front fenders, when a disassembled them I forgot to make pics. I have the parts book, but i think i am missing a part at the front for the radiator, a square bar ? I need some pics to help me 😉 thanks Dan
  8. Hi, yes the sealant stopped the leaking. Dan
  9. I used the original battery cables and the engine with sparkplug turned, thanks for the solution.
  10. do know the size , pic?, of the olive shaped insert, mine was not present. cudan
  11. I used for this trial 12 volt starter cables tot the ground an starter I wil check them.
  12. The p15 starter directly connected to the battery
  13. The battery is new and fully charged and only the engine is on the chassis
  14. The starter motor only gets the engine turned when I take the sparksplugs out. The battery 6 v 160 ah is new and for testing i connected the battery - directly to the starter. What could be wrong, the starter ? Not enough power to turn the engine with compression ? Needs new brushes ? Dan
  15. Thanks al for answering.
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