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  1. Thanks Cannuck, you really helped me with this answer. Dan
  2. Thanks Cannuck for measuring, and yes I made a mistake 🤭 the battery tray belongs on the driversside in my p15. Because I want to order a battery which fits in the tray and only need to know the max possible height of the battery when it is on the tray. Dan
  3. Hi Marcel, The position of the original battery box is on the passenger site inner fender. That is also the position I want to make it. Dan
  4. Hi, My p15 project came without a battery tray, I want to make a replica of sheet metal but I can not find in my manual the dimensions of the bottum part. Perhaps some can measure it, length and width and also the maximum hight for the battery when stage tray is installed. Dan
  5. Is it necessairy to use the isolation at that points, I did not use it. Dan
  6. Cudan

    Batterij q

    How many ah do I need for a 6 v battery, I bought my p15 without a battery, so I need to know the min ah for a new battery. Dan
  7. I have the gasket, but I dont want to pull the axels out if I can use the old one and solve the leakage with a sealer on the bolt threads.
  8. Thanks all, I drained the oil true the lower bolts and will mount them with a sealer, is fluid gasket sealer usable.
  9. If that is the way, the diff carrier is leaking a little at the gasket, I will try to solve the leaking with a liquid sealant. Dan
  10. Hi, i have the service manual nut could not find the procedure how to change the carrier gasket, what is the way to do it. Disassembling the pinion flange nut and bolts of the carrier, then the carrier will come off ? Dan
  11. Thanks for the clear pic, that is what I ment with my red arrow in the pic. know I know how to install the parts. thanks Dan
  12. This way, see red arrow, the fork under the spring.
  13. Hi, I am working on the clutch and have a Q Is the fork in the first pic incorrectly mounted to the release bearing, I found this pic on the net. When i see the manual the fork is hold in place under the clip ? See second pic. I assume that is the correct way to install the fork.
  14. Hi Bob, where did you buy these rubbers, are the rubber or other material, I also need them. Dan
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