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  1. How about a Saturn electric power steering unit. They are 12 volt though. But, I have seen some mounted on dirt buggies. Ron
  2. I used powdered graphite to lubricate my 47-P15 and it worked great. If you use mineral based oil it should be light weight so that in cold weather it won't be too thick and break the cable. Ask me how I know? I drove my 47 every day in the early sixties, even in the winter when it would be near zero here in West Virginia and the graphite did the trick.
  3. Back in the sixties I had a 47 P15 with a 54 - 230 bored 0.060 and it never, ever got hot. It had stock radiator with no pressure cap and all. Now I have a 48 P15 with a 56 Chrysler 354 Hemi and it runs about 190 - 205 on a hot summer day it has an aluminum radiator, electric fan, 11 psi cap and shroud. But it also has an air conditioner condenser in front of the radiator. I have been considering trying to remove the modified inner fenders completely to see if that might allow more air to get out from the engine compartment. Did you put the water distribution tube back in the block after your rebuild? That will really mess with the cooling system if you didn't. Ron
  4. Looking for the pieces under the doors that are mounted to the top of the rocker panel and are rubber vulcanized? Thanks Anyone know the proper name and/or who still repairs these? Thanks in advance. Ron
  5. Here are two more folks. I did email them to myself, as suggested, but I still can upload 2.4 mb. More to follow, lol. Ron
  6. This is a Vintage Air Gen--II Compac Universal.
  7. Here are (2) photos so far. There are (6) more to follow. Ron
  8. Guys, I'm trying to upload some photos. However, I'm having no luck. It keeps telling me "upload failed". I'll keep trying. Ron
  9. Hello kbuhagiar, I installed a Vintage Air in my P15 and it does a terrific job so far. I have a 354 Chrysler with a torqueflite. I could shoot you some photos if you want me to. I fabricated my compressor bracket and also some of the brackets for the evaporator/heater. I don't have the interior finished yet so I don't really know how well it will really cool, but I'm sure it will help.
  10. That might be a back seat heater for a limousine or a station wagon, just guessing.
  11. Don, I have a manual rack for a Cavalier. However, It has a different input spline than the power rack and is approx. 2 inches shorter on the passenger side. I did have it installed on my 48 Ply. coupe but, I have a 354 hemi in it and the manual rack didn't like the weight of the engine so I went with a power rack. As a side note, the Cavalier rack offers at least (2) different steering ratios and believe me you don't want the "sport" steering because it's the fast ratio. Also, I have pictures and drawings of my installation and parts that I made if you're interested. Ron
  12. rvannoy1

    341 Hemi

    John, That sounds like a real neat project. I put a 354 Chrysler in my 48 Plymouth coupe, and I'm glad I did. You have to look at it as what you really want to do and keep at it. Good luck with it. Ron
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